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At Kscope11 ODTUG Board Member Bambi Price interviewed Chris Muir about the Fusion Middleware sessions.  He’ll be presenting The Ultimate Sales Pitch for ADF – On Strategic Importance and Practical Value and In a Nutshell: The ADF UI Shell at Kscope12.

Part 1

Part 2: Thursday Thunder

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Dave Schleis Guest Blogger: David Schleis

For the last dozen years, springtime has always meant one thing: cleaning up all the surprises exposed by the melting snow (you northern-tier dog-owners know what I’m talking about). But aside from that, this time of year always meant that it was crunch-time for writing the paper for my upcoming presentation at Kscope. I enjoy writing these papers, but I’d be lying if I said that it was all fun. There are pressures of the deadlines, making sure I get things right, that I don’t use “then” when I mean “than,” and generally that I read smarter than I actually am.

This year, however, is different in several ways; first of all, there was not much snow over the winter, so the back yard is surprise-free. Also, I am not presenting at Kscope. “Why?” you may ask. As I am not a meteorologist, I will not get into the reasons for the former, but as to the latter, the primary reason is that this year I have the honor and awesome responsibility of being the Content Co-Chair for Kscope12.

So, while this time of year is typically punctuated with brief bursts of excitement, anticipation, and fear regarding my own presentation, this year those feelings have expanded to encompass everybody’s presentations (no pressure). Fortunately, I know that the speakers at Kscope are the best there are. I know that the abstract review process used was designed to select the best of the well-known presenters, as well as ensuring that new speakers will get a chance to share their knowledge with the welcoming audiences of Kscope. I know that the content selection teams did a remarkable job with a difficult task. I know that I have nothing to worry about, right?

This year I can enjoy these weeks of spring, free from any of the trials or tribulations that are a part of my creative process for developing a Kscope presentation. This year I can focus on why I’m looking forward to Kscope. There are, of course, all of the standard reasons:

  • Reconnecting with my ODTUG friends, and making new ones.
  • The chance to interact with so many people so much smarter than me.
  • Learning from old hats and young guns; from the basics to the bleeding edge.
  • That reenergized feeling you take back to work.

But this year is different in another way. This year, I have a new focus. My place of employment has recently purchased an Oracle Forms-based COTS system to replace a large portion of the code-base I have created over the years. Those portions that are not being replaced will need interfaces, and these interfaces need to be written in PL/SQL. While I have been a thick-database proponent for years, I have not been much of a practitioner. The reasons for this are many, both institutional and personal. The Designer Table API packages, VB, PHP, and Groovy seemed like the most expeditious means to get the apps out of my head and into the hands of the users. (You might say that this just means that I was lazy, but “expeditious” sounds so much better). Anyway, regardless of the reasons, I have not done any serious PL/SQL coding for a number of years. To say that my skills are rusty would imply more of an existing, solid foundation than, I am afraid, actually exists.

In light of the new opportunities placed before me, this year I will be focusing like a shotgun on SQL and PL/SQL coding like I never have before. Just a few of the sessions that I am looking forward to are:

This year is different for me in many ways, but one thing that remains the same is my anticipation of the best conference for developers using all things Oracle: Kscope12. So I hope you’ll join me and hundreds of fellow developers from across the Oracle family, at the incredible learning and networking experience that is Kscope12.

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Guest Blogger: Glenn Schwartzberg

With Kscope12 coming soon, I’m excited about a new track being offered this year. It is the Essbase Beginner’s track. This track offers a full 18 sessions of content designed for new and newer Essbase developers/designers/users. The track has some of the best, most experienced presenters of the conference giving you the things they had to learn the hard way. (Six are Oracle ACE/ACE Directors, five have written Essbase books, and one is an Oracle development manager). The track is laid out logically from introduction to more detailed topics. Even if you have some experience, this is a great track as it helps you to consider things you had not thought of before.  I encourage you to tell your co-workers about this great way to increase their knowledge about Essbase.

You want me to lay out the schedule for you? No problem, this way you can easily schedule yourself without having to figure out what to attend.  (Note: some sessions are shared with other tracks).

If you want detailed information on these sessions look at the schedule at a glance

Day/time Presentation Speaker Room
Monday 8:30 Hyperion 101: An Introduction to the Oracle EPM/BI Suite Andrew Jorgensen Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 10:00 Why Can’t I Look at an Essbase Cube? Angie Wilcox Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 11:30 Essbase Application Design Considerations for Beginners Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 2:45 Dimension and Data Loading Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 4:15 BSO Calculation Basics Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9


Tues 8:30 Managing an EPM Project Successfully – A Client’s Perspective Panel led by Natalie Delemar Peony*
Tues 11:30 Don’t Do This! Effective Strategies to Avoid Building Ineffective ASO Cubes Martin Slack Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Or Essbase Experts Panel Panel hosted by Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9*
Tues 2:15 Oracle Essbase Worst Practices – Lessons from a Moron Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Tues 3:45 Automation: MaxL and Scripting Cameron Lackpour Cibolo Canyon 9
Tues 5:00 Intro to MDX and ASO Gary Crisci Cibolo Canyon 9


Wed 8:30 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Oracle Support Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 9:45 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Part 2 Panel hosted by Robb Salzmann Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 11:15 Intro to Essbase Studio Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 1:45 So Many Tools Which Do I Use Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 3:00 Essbase New Features Gabby Rubin Cibolo Canyon 9


Thurs 8:30 Beginning Calc Manager Jeff Richardson Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 10:30 Intro to Analysis Kevin Cox Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 11:45 Beginner’s Guide to Financial Reporting Mehmet Sevinc Cibolo Canyon 9

* Shared session with another track

Register for Kscope!

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Its February 21, 2012… have you registered for Kscope12 yet?  This year our Content Teams have done a phenomenal job of choosing presentations that are timely, informative, and will give you an edge in the development area you specialize in.  If you are having trouble deciding if this is the right conference for you to attend please read the excerpt from a post we originally ran in April 2011.

Mike Riley interviewed both Brian Spendolini, director of development services at JSA2 Solutions, who will be presenting

and Karen Cannell, Editor in Chief of the ODTUG Technical Journal who will be presenting

Q: What’s the best thing about Kscope conferences?

Brian: “The best thing by far is that the APEX community gets together with development to further the product. This unique event is the only one that I know of where there is such a tight connection between the developers of the product and the developers whom use the product. We provide the feedback and more times than not we see it in a future release. Invaluable.”

Karen: “The depth of knowledge of attendees, combined with the depth and quality of presentations makes this the best training value, hands down.”

Click Best Training Value, Hands Down AND Invaluable to read the full article.

If you haven’t registered yet make sure you do before March 25th to secure the Early Bird Rate and book your hotel room before the JW Marriott San Antonio fills up!

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Recently the ODTUG Board and #Kscope 12 Committee spent a few days at the J.W. Marriott San Antonio.

Jerry took a picture of the onsite waterfall.

The conference location is first class all the way, from the rooms to the meeting space to the food and to the friendly staff.

~ Jerry Ireland

I cannot tell you how perfect this hotel space is for our group.  Everywhere I went there were little seating areas where we could sit and discuss/resolve issues we have in our working lives or just sit back and visit with friends.  Also, you know ODTUG is well known for the good food that is always provided at our Scope conferences and on this trip we got to sample the food that will be served at Kscope12. I have to tell you, you are in for a treat.   I cannot wait for each of you to go there because I know you will love it as much as I do.  Just a reminder to get your hotel room reserved early because they are going to go fast.

~ Barbara Morris

This year the conference will be held at the JW Marriot Hill Country. I strongly recommend checking out the website to try and get an idea of how nice this property is, although I have to be honest, the website as nice as it is, just can’t do it justice compared to being there. The place is huge, modern, clean, with unbelievable amenities. For those of you who would consider bringing your family with you, this is the year to do it. I’m planning to bring my wife and kids and spend a few days after the conference enjoying the location with them.
~ Gary Crisci (excerpt from his blog post)

The room was very modern, complete with a port hub so that you can connect your laptop to the TV. For those that are presenting this is an excellent resource to help you practice your presentation.

~ Martin D’Souza (excerpt from Kscope 12 blog post)
The central atrium of the hotel has a large meeting area called the Crooked Branch Lobby that features a multiple fireplaces, sitting areas, games and a bar.  There are also multiple fireplaces and sitting areas just outside on the patio.  My guess is this area will be a prime gathering spot at Kscope12.

~ Tim Tow (excerpt from his blog post)

Dave took a picture of some outside seating

The first thing that struck me about the JW Marriott resort was just how big it is. Seeing this massive resort and knowing that for 5 days in June we will own this place. When you are here for Kscope, you will have something in common with every other guest you come across… this is the premier conference for Oracle developers on the planet.

Yet dispute its size, or more likely because of it, there are a large variety of gathering spaces; perfect for everything from a post session tete-a-tete to an all out party. This place was built for our group, and I hope to see you there.

~ David Schleis

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The ODTUG Board of Directors met on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, to elect the Executive Committee members for the ODTUG Board. My congratulations go out to the winners of this election process. The Board has once again elected me as President (my final year on the Board due to term limits – although I can re-enter the election process in the fall of 2013 – and my fourth as the President). I look forward to the challenges that the organization will undoubtably face in the next 12 months, and also serving alongside the rest of the Board and the new Executive Committee.

Elected for the first time to the ODTUG Executive Committee, Monty Latiolais will be serving as the Vice President of ODTUG. Monty is currently starting his third year as a Board Member for ODTUG, and has served in varying capacities and on various committees while on the Board and even before he became an ODTUG Board member. Monty will be a great addition to the Executive Committee, and as I spoke to Monty just after the conclusion of the election process, he is very excited about his newly expanded role within the organization. Based upon his track record of success so far within ODTUG, I expect nothing but the same type of results from him in this position.

Barbara Morris, left, and Monty Latiolais, right

The 2012 Secretary is Bambi Price. Bambi has served as Secretary for ODTUG before, and most recently, last year as the Vice President. Bambi is committed to ODTUG expanding its reach into global markets, as evedenced by our participation in the InSync conference and hosting our very own SP conference in Sydney, Australia last year. Bambi will continue to serve the organization proudly and represent you, the members as well.

Dave Schleis, Bambi Price, and husband Frederick Price

Rounding out the Executive Committee is the 2012 Treasurer, Jerry Ireland. Jerry returns to the ODTUG Board after  a one year absence, and also returns to an Executive Committee position. Jerry has served as Vice President before, and is returning to another familiar slot for him on the ODTUG Board as Treasurer. Jerry brings much user group experience, and real world experience and expertise back to the Board. His financial knowledge will be well served in this role on the Board.

Jerry Ireland, pictured here at a dinner with Debra Lilley in 2009

So, what to look forward to in the next few weeks? Well, the ODTUG Board will be gathering for their winter face to face meeting in a couple of weeks. This will take place at the 2012 KScope conference location, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country resort. We’ll be setting the direction of the organization for 2012 and beyond, all the while familiarizing the entire Board with the conference location. Look for some more information about what to expect at KScope12 to come from the ODTUG Board Members, as everyone will be spending more than 3 days at the resort.

A smaller group of the Board will then leave directly from the Board Meeting and head to Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, CA for the annual IOUC Leaders Summit. This summit hosts the leaders from user groups across the globe. Oracle provides the conference location and setting, and the leaders talk directly with Oracle to learn things beneficial to our members for the year. In addition, perhaps the greatest benefit is that the user group leaders take advantage of this opportunity to network with other user group leaders, to learn from each other, and to work with each other for the benefit of the overall user community. Who benefits the most from this event? That’s right, it’s you, our members.

Look for more updates on these and many other ODTUG initiatives in the next few months.

Oh, have I mentioned that you really should be making your plans to attend KScope 12 in June? Find the details here. We are experiencing tremendous interest in the conference, and registration is going well. We anticipate that we will completely fill up the hotel, so make your plans and reserve your room today!

One last thing to mention as we start 2012.  We want to continue to provide you with the best Oracle Content around so if you would like to present a webinar please contact Lauren lauren@odtug.com so we can get our calendar filled up.

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Martin Giffy D’Souza, ODTUG Board Electee

Guest Blogger: Martin Giffy D’Souza

2012 and Beyond

I was first introduced to ODTUG about four and half years ago, when my manager back then recommended that I go to a conference in New Orleans called Kaleidoscope (Kscope). I didn’t know it at the time, but saying “yes” was truly a life changing experience. During the conference I felt like a kid at Disney World, full of excitement. Not only did I get to meet some of the world’s best Oracle developers but I also had a great time at all of the events that the conference had to offer.

Since New Orleans I’ve attended, and presented, at all the Kscope conferences: in Monterey, Washington D.C., and this year in Long Beach. During that time I’ve continued to grow a successful blog, spoken at other conferences, co-authored and authored several APEX books, became an Oracle ACE, co-founded my own consulting company (ClariFit), and, most importantly, met a lot of amazing people. I honestly don’t think I would have had all these opportunities had it not been for the support and exposure I’ve received from ODTUG and its members.

All this being said, I’m ecstatic to be in a position to give back to the organization that has opened so many doors for me. Thanks to your support (especially those in the APEX community); I will be sitting on the ODTUG Board of Directors starting in January. As a new member of the Board, I look forward to continuing the excellent work that the current Board is doing to help grow the community and ensure that ODTUG is the premier Oracle user group to be a part of.

Personally, I hope to bring some fresh new ideas to the table and be a strong representative for Oracle developers in the community. More specifically, I’m going to help represent the APEX developers within the ODTUG community.

I look forward to the challenges and adventures in the new year and am honored to have received the opportunity to represent you for the next two years.

– Martin

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Jerry Ireland, ODTUG Board Electee

Guest Blogger: Jerry Ireland

I am honored to be returning to the board. I want to thank all of you that took the time to cast your vote for the board this year. One of my goals is to increase the participation in this important member privilege. After all, we are charged with maintaining the excellence of the organization and shaping its future and the best way for you to be sure that we are representative of our membership is to vote.

One of the things that makes me proudest of being a part of ODTUG is that, to my knowledge, it has never made a decision that did not have the Oracle developers of this world’s best interests as the number one consideration. One of the things that set our conference apart from others is the unprecedented networking opportunities with the top developers in the world and the Oracle project managers. As the ODTUG conference continues to grow, it will be a challenge to maintain this advantage. ODTUG has done a good job reaching out to and working with other user groups. I am a strong believer in the importance of this and will be working hard to promote it.

A little background info

By the late 80’s I was working exclusively with Oracle at an E-Business Suite early adopter. Designer brought me to the first Oracle Case SIG (OCSIG) conference. I have utilized Designer to build everything from trivial applications to data warehouses to enterprise models. Awards include ODTUG Volunteer of the Year and Oracle Ace for Application Development. I am currently co-owner of Rightsizing Inc., a small consulting group.

I first served on the ODTUG board in 1990. I stepped down for a few years to make room for new blood and to concentrate on a new software spin off. I have served as treasurer and vice president and chaired many conferences. I am also very active in the Oracle Application User Group.

Thank you again for voting.  I would like to extend an invitation to anyone who has ideas, complaints, encouragements or other comments to contact me either at jerryi@rsiz.com or on LinkedIn. I also encourage you to get involved. Go to the ODTUG website and volunteer.

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Guest Blogger: Tim Tow, ODTUG Board

Australia, Here I Come!

Like many, if not most, Americans, I have always wanted to visit Australia but have never had the opportunity.  Well, that all changed last month when I was asked to speak at the NZOUG Conference in Auckland, New Zealand and the ODTUG SP Conference in Sydney, Australia.  For those of you familiar with my blog, you may have read that I often work 12-hour days.  This is only possible with the support of my wife, and I am happy that she also shares in the rewards gained from my hard work.  One week from today, my wife and I will be on our way to Oz!

We are flying directly to Auckland and will have a little over 3 days to explore the area and to recover from jet lag before the conference starts on Monday, October 31.  We plan to visit the camp where, during WWII, my wife’s grandfather was stationed immediately after two of the worst battles in the Pacific, Tarawa and Saipan.  Other than that, we are still undecided about our weekend agenda.

My presentations in Auckland are comprised of completely new content that I have written and will be presenting for the first time at this conference.  In Auckland, the first presentation is entitled “Find Meaning in Your General Ledger Using Oracle Essbase”.  This session will discuss some of the use cases for Essbase when used to explore and analyze data in the General Ledger.  I will show at least 3 different ways that customers can use Essbase as a starting point for understanding what is in the GL and am working with the Oracle Fusion Financials team on how Essbase is leveraged within Fusion Financials.

My second Auckland session is entitled “What is Oracle Essbase and How Is It Different From the Oracle Database?”  This session, which parallels an article I wrote for the current issue of ODTUG Journal, is targeted toward traditional Oracle developers who may have heard of Essbase but really don’t know what it is.  My presentation uses a relational database design concept commonly used to support analysis, the star schema, and proceeds to translate it into similar constructs in Essbase.  The presentation also discusses the key differences, both architecturally and from the user’s perspective, between Essbase and the Oracle database.

If you happen to be in New Zealand, don’t miss this conference.  You can get more information at http://nzoug.org/events/nzoug-conference-2011.

On Wednesday, November 2, we travel to Sydney for the ODTUG EPM and BI SP (“Seriously Practical”) Conference.  Like in Auckland, my presentations at the SP Conference on November 3 and 4 are comprised of completely new content.  The first session, entitled “Unleashing the Power of Essbase in Excel”, will cover the two Excel add-ins for Essbase, the classic Excel add-in and Smart View.  I will spend a good bit of time in this session discussing and demonstrating some of the new capabilities added to Smart View  This new Smart View version features near parity with the functionality of the classic add-in and, finally, will meet the demands of most classic add-in lovers.  The new functionality also makes many of the time-tested techniques used with the classic add-in possible again, so I will review some of my favorite spreadsheet design tips.

The second presentation in Sydney returns to my core (and geeky) competency with a discussion of best practices using the different Essbase APIs.  In this session, “Best Practices for Expanding Essbase with the APIs”, I will talk about lessons learned from the past 17 years of my experienced with both the VB and the Java APIs.  I am still working on this presentation, but I plan on covering more than just the coding aspects and will talk a little about how to build dependable software with the Essbase APIs.

If you are in or near Australia, make plans to attend the SP Conference now.  This conference covers not only EPM, but also BI as well.  Fellow Oracle ACE Directors Edward Roske and Mark Rittman, along with newly minted Oracle ACE Stuart Bryson, from Rittman Mead, have teamed with local speakers from Accenture and James and Monroe to bring you a content-packed agenda that can help your company get a higher return on its investment in the Oracle EPM and BI platforms.  You can get more information about the ODTUG SP Conference and register at http://odtugspconference.com/.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Guest Blogger: Bambi Price, ODTUG Board

Q & A with ODTUG SP Conference Presenter, Anthony Stefanac James & Munroe

Anthony is one of the owners of James & Munroe, specialists in Enterprise Architecture, Support and Implementation of Hyperion products. He will be presenting ‘Making your Life easier with EPM utilities’ at our SP Conference being held in Sydney, 3rd and 4th November this year.

 Q: What made you start working with Oracle BI & EPM Products?

I started as a graduate at Qantas who were using Hyperion as their BI tool to initially report management information and their route profitability.   I thought the technology was great, as it gave decision makers quick access to information in a structured and logical way to assist with strategic corporate initiatives.  I moved into Consulting to further develop my Hyperion EPM & BI skills from there.

 Q: What has been the biggest improvement that you can see with these products?

Stability, Performance Improvements and improved Integration between all of the Oracle products. It is still early days to being perfect from an integration perspective but it is definitely heading in the right direction.

Q: What is the most common type of issue your clients have?

Demands from the business to report results on a more timely basis and have greater visibility to their information.   With requirements for closer integration between transactional, operational and management systems and the constant introduction of new Oracle products, we are continuing to find improved solutions to achieve this.

Q: Why do you think an Oracle, BI or EPM user should attend the conference?

They will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in different industries to share their experiences and knowledge.  They will also have the opportunity to hear from and meet with global product leaders and see product demonstrations of the latest Oracle offerings from a practical perspective.  Often training in products is too high level for people who have gained working knowledge of the applications.  They need the tips and tricks to get further efficiency gains, which is exactly what this training will offer.

Register today for the ODTUG SP Conference! 

Advanced Registration Rate: October 2 – October 27, 2011

Standard Registration Rate: After October 28, 2011 

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