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At Kscope11 ODTUG Board Member Bambi Price interviewed Chris Muir about the Fusion Middleware sessions.  He’ll be presenting The Ultimate Sales Pitch for ADF – On Strategic Importance and Practical Value and In a Nutshell: The ADF UI Shell at Kscope12.

Part 1

Part 2: Thursday Thunder

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Guest Blogger: Ron Backmann

As I look back at all the conferences that I have been to and been involved with, ODTUG’s Kscope is by far the most informative and least sales orientated. We have been attending ODTUG’s Kscope conference for the last five years and have made great friends. I am a consistent advocate for this conference and bestow its virtues to all in our organization that will listen. The content of the sessions is in-depth and includes best known practices of the users of the products. The conference points out the “gotchas” that exist within the software and allows the “users” to affect future development and deployment of the software.

Okay that is the business portion of this post.

This conference is the most fun anyone should be allowed to have. The planned events by the ODTUG team have always been fun and great networking opportunities. Though I am partial to the APEX track, I have met and enjoyed the company of others at the conference as well. I have used these opportunities to pick the brains of all people involved with ODTUG and several APEX luminaries such as:

•         New Orleans: speaking with the late Carl Backstrom watching his beloved Lakers

•         Texas Hold’em games in Washington, D.C., Monterey, and Long Beach with Joel Kallman, David Peake, Jason Straub, and our Canadian friends Francis Mignault, Patrick Bonneville, and Martin Giffy D’Souza

•         Going out in Long Beach with our friends from across the pond John Scott, Dimitri Gielis, and Baby AE

•         Learning all about Apex Lib from Patrick Wolf

•         Learning everything about collections from Dan McGhan

•         Winning a bet against Scott Spendolini when the Packers beat the Steelers

•         Meeting the very calming persons of Doug Gault and Raj Mattamal

•         Hanging out with Monty

Do you notice a theme here?

And all the others that I have missed in this post, I have learned a great deal from all of you in sessions and afterwards. I have benefited from your openness and willingness to share your vast knowledge and enthusiasm with a person who was tasked to replace a couple of spreadsheets. Which has now grown into an infrastructure of several Terabytes of data supported by an APEX front-end that gets 3M+ page views a month and supports 1,500 concurrent users across the United States.

I consider all of you my friends. Thank you ODTUG and the APEX community.

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Community Service Day is and ODTUG/Kscope tradition of giving back to our host community.  Check out Serving Your Community by Mike Riley.

In 2008, our first Community Service Day was in New Orleans where we helped repair a school.  Lewis Cunningham wrote about it ODTUG Kaleidoscope: Day Of Service.

In 2009 we went to Monterey and helped the Big Sur Land Trust eradicate an invasive plant species.  Debra Lilly wrote about her experience: ODTUG Community Service Day.

In 2010 we coordinated with Greater DC Cares and helped improve a school.  Check out Tim Tow’s Kaleidoscope 2010 Community Service Day.

In 2011 we were in Long Beach and worked to improve the Boys and Girls Club. Developing a Better Community.

And this year we are working with the Boys and Girls Club of San Antonio!  We want you to be a part of this tradition.  When you register for Kscope12, be sure to indicate that you are interested in participating in the Community Service Day.  If you are unable to attend but still would like to help our efforts you can become a sponsor.  NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL!

For more information on Kscope12’s Community Service Day please visit our website http://kscope12.com/events/community-service-day.

Here is a video from Kscope11 Community Service Day

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Mike RileyBlogger: Mike Riley

For a quick break from some of the content based posts that we have been doing today, I thought I’d tell you a bit about the resort’s golf facilities. I got the opportunity to play a round of golf on the site visit that I did with Kathleen McCasland and Crystal Walton back in January of 2011. Being the middle of winter, it wasn’t the warmest round of golf I had ever played, but compared to St. Louis winter weather, San Antonio is downright balmy.

I got to play on the course with a couple of the resident golf pros, and while I certainly wasn’t the quality of playing partner that these two gentlemen were used to, they seemed to enjoy the day with me as we were able to take our time and enjoy the course. They were able to tell me a little information about the course (as it had only been open a little over a year at that point).

From http://www.tpcsanantonio.com, “TPC San Antonio is a model of environmentally sound methods and practices, beginning with two of the most well-planned, eco-friendly layouts ever conceived. The highlight of these layouts is a closed-loop irrigation system, which ensures the protection of the Edwards Aquifer and supports the TPC Network’s vision of all courses designated as Audubon International Cooperative Sanctuary Systems. TPC San Antonio was designed to take full advantage of the abundant natural resources, majestic trees and indigenous flora and fauna found throughout the property, including the adjacent 750-acre nature preserve and sanctuary for the protection of the Golden-Cheek Warbler.”  (http://www.edwardsaquifer.org/) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edwards_Aquifer).

You may ask, what is an aquifer? Well, thanks to WikiPedia, here is a link that tells you quite a bit about this – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquifer.

Back to the golf course. This is a beautiful golf course, difficult, but fair for even us high handicappers (although not official, I’d put my handicap around 18-22). I had a great time playing it. Here is a picture of the course from the hotel:

In the vein of one of those fish stories (“it was this big”), I had one memorable hole on the course. It was a par 4, #13 on the Oaks course. Playing up to my handicap, I hit a really poor tee shot that left me short of a bunker. Once again, playing very consistently, I chopped my next shot into the greenside bunker. Because I did not want to go back to the cart to get a sand wedge, I decided to play a pitching wedge out of the trap. This was ultimately a bad decision, as I was unable to get the ball out of the bunker. At this point, one of the pros asked me what club I was using. Of course he knew what club I had, but politely was hinting that maybe I’d be better off with a sand wedge. I told him I was using my pitching wedge, he asked if he could get my sand wedge for me, I said no and took my stance. The golfing gods must have been smiling, because I got the ball out of the trap and lo and behold, the ball went in the cup! Of course, a bogey, but nonetheless, it was the moment that I always look for in every sport that I have played: at least one moment that makes you want to come back again another time! Perhaps the funniest thing about that moment was what the pro who asked if I wanted him to get my sand wedge said “Well, I guess you don’t want me to caddy for you anymore!”  🙂

Why do I tell you all of this? Well, the PGA holds the Texas Valero Open at the TPC San Antonio every year, and in 2012, that is this upcoming weekend, April 19-22. TV coverage is on the Golf Channel (http://www.golfchannel.com/) on the 19th and 20th exclusively, and then on the 21st and 22nd, coverage will be on CBS (http://www.cbs.com) on Saturday and Sunday (there may be golf coverage on the Golf Channel early on the weekend as well).

Look for amazing views of the golf course itself, and the facilities at the resort. I remember last year watching the coverage during our monthly ODTUG Board conference calls and wanting to tell everyone to watch and see where KScope12 was going to be held. Of course, we had not announced the location of KScope12 yet, so that was not possible.

You can find several videos and coverage of last year’s action on the Texas Valero Open website here – (http://valerotexasopen.org/).

Also, as an add-on to your KScope12 conference experience, may I suggest that a perfect opportunity to play some golf at the TPC San Antonio is during our first EVER KScope scramble golf event. The registration is not free, but when else can you say that you got the chance to play on a course that the PGA professionals play on? For more information, and to register – (http://kscope12.com/events/golf-tournament).

OH, by the way, if you haven’t registered for the conference, here’s where you need to go – (http://kscope12.com/registration).

Are you interested in playing some golf at KScope12? Answer the poll below, or leave us a comment!

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Here is round 2 of ODTUG President Mike Riley’s list of quotes of about Kscope.

David Peake

“ODTUG Kaleidoscope continues to be THE premier conference for APEX developers. Once again this year there are over 40 APEX sessions and the best social networking opportunities. Whenever you get that many people together in one place, passionate about the same things as you, it is sure to be worthwhile.” – David Peake – Principal Product Manager – Oracle Application Express (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/04/15/oracle-application-express-and-david-peake/)

“This is the one conference where I have been able to learn the most in the least amount of time. The brain store behind the sessions is amazing.” – Glenn Schwartzberg – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/02/16/where-to-learn-the-most-in-the-least-amount-of-time/)

John Flack

“Great developers helping developers – how could you help learning something worth the price of admission?” – John Flack – Oracle ACE (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/odtug-conversation-with-washington-dc-native-john-flack/)

“The best thing about the Kscope conference is the focus on tools and techniques, and the chance to network within a friendly environment.” – Mark Rittman – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/02/21/the-queen-mary-a-great-british-piece-of-workmanship/)

Patrick Cimolini

“Kscope tells it like it is from the developer’s perspective.  You find out what technology works and what doesn’t work.” – Patrick Cimolini (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/odtug-kscope-an-idea-meet-market/)

“I don’t even think there’s a comparable event. This is the only event I know of (from the APEX viewpoint) that has most of the Oracle APEX team along with some of the best APEX developers in the world presenting at.” – Martin Giffy D’Souza – Oracle ACE Director – ODTUG Board Member (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/03/02/03022011/)

Alex Nuijten

“Kscope is a real developer’s conference. The presenters tell from personal experience and that’s what makes it so great. It’s not some marketing story, but real useful material.” – Alex Nuijten – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/kscope20110223/)

“Some conferences are too big, others are too small. Kscope seems to have that perfect balance where you feel you’re a part of something big but not so big it inhibits one of the main reasons for attending – knowledge transfer.” – Dan McGhan – Oracle ACE (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/03/16/kscope-seems-to-have-the-perfect-balance/)

Cameron Lackpour

“Where else are you going to get the fantastic content married up to nice people who are wildly passionate about sharing knowledge? Nowhere else is where.” – Cameron Lackpour – Oracle ACE – ODTUG Board Member (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/03/07/quality-passion-and-the-people-excellence-breeds-excellence/)

“The (still relative) small size of the conference makes it easy to speak to whoever you like.” – Roel Hartman – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/03/09/easy-to-speak-to-whoever-you-like/)

Dimitri Gielis

“…KScope became *the* conference to meet the developers around the world. Next to that a big portion of the APEX Development team is present too. I always love to talk to these nice people who are working so hard to give us the best product possible.” – Dimitri Gielis – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/03/21/the-conference-to-meet-the-developers-around-the-world/)

“So: why KScope? The ODTUG conferences are the best places I can go in the Oracle market where I can be with people who think and talk about these things. …Or for that matter, who understand that these ideas even exist and deserve to be studied. KScope is just the right place for me to be.” – Cary Millsap – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2011/04/27/carymillsap-kscope-is-just-the-right-place-for-me-to-be/)

With all of these great reasons to attend Kscope why are you waiting? REGISTER TODAY!

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Dave Schleis Guest Blogger: David Schleis

For the last dozen years, springtime has always meant one thing: cleaning up all the surprises exposed by the melting snow (you northern-tier dog-owners know what I’m talking about). But aside from that, this time of year always meant that it was crunch-time for writing the paper for my upcoming presentation at Kscope. I enjoy writing these papers, but I’d be lying if I said that it was all fun. There are pressures of the deadlines, making sure I get things right, that I don’t use “then” when I mean “than,” and generally that I read smarter than I actually am.

This year, however, is different in several ways; first of all, there was not much snow over the winter, so the back yard is surprise-free. Also, I am not presenting at Kscope. “Why?” you may ask. As I am not a meteorologist, I will not get into the reasons for the former, but as to the latter, the primary reason is that this year I have the honor and awesome responsibility of being the Content Co-Chair for Kscope12.

So, while this time of year is typically punctuated with brief bursts of excitement, anticipation, and fear regarding my own presentation, this year those feelings have expanded to encompass everybody’s presentations (no pressure). Fortunately, I know that the speakers at Kscope are the best there are. I know that the abstract review process used was designed to select the best of the well-known presenters, as well as ensuring that new speakers will get a chance to share their knowledge with the welcoming audiences of Kscope. I know that the content selection teams did a remarkable job with a difficult task. I know that I have nothing to worry about, right?

This year I can enjoy these weeks of spring, free from any of the trials or tribulations that are a part of my creative process for developing a Kscope presentation. This year I can focus on why I’m looking forward to Kscope. There are, of course, all of the standard reasons:

  • Reconnecting with my ODTUG friends, and making new ones.
  • The chance to interact with so many people so much smarter than me.
  • Learning from old hats and young guns; from the basics to the bleeding edge.
  • That reenergized feeling you take back to work.

But this year is different in another way. This year, I have a new focus. My place of employment has recently purchased an Oracle Forms-based COTS system to replace a large portion of the code-base I have created over the years. Those portions that are not being replaced will need interfaces, and these interfaces need to be written in PL/SQL. While I have been a thick-database proponent for years, I have not been much of a practitioner. The reasons for this are many, both institutional and personal. The Designer Table API packages, VB, PHP, and Groovy seemed like the most expeditious means to get the apps out of my head and into the hands of the users. (You might say that this just means that I was lazy, but “expeditious” sounds so much better). Anyway, regardless of the reasons, I have not done any serious PL/SQL coding for a number of years. To say that my skills are rusty would imply more of an existing, solid foundation than, I am afraid, actually exists.

In light of the new opportunities placed before me, this year I will be focusing like a shotgun on SQL and PL/SQL coding like I never have before. Just a few of the sessions that I am looking forward to are:

This year is different for me in many ways, but one thing that remains the same is my anticipation of the best conference for developers using all things Oracle: Kscope12. So I hope you’ll join me and hundreds of fellow developers from across the Oracle family, at the incredible learning and networking experience that is Kscope12.

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Guest Blogger: Glenn Schwartzberg

With Kscope12 coming soon, I’m excited about a new track being offered this year. It is the Essbase Beginner’s track. This track offers a full 18 sessions of content designed for new and newer Essbase developers/designers/users. The track has some of the best, most experienced presenters of the conference giving you the things they had to learn the hard way. (Six are Oracle ACE/ACE Directors, five have written Essbase books, and one is an Oracle development manager). The track is laid out logically from introduction to more detailed topics. Even if you have some experience, this is a great track as it helps you to consider things you had not thought of before.  I encourage you to tell your co-workers about this great way to increase their knowledge about Essbase.

You want me to lay out the schedule for you? No problem, this way you can easily schedule yourself without having to figure out what to attend.  (Note: some sessions are shared with other tracks).

If you want detailed information on these sessions look at the schedule at a glance

Day/time Presentation Speaker Room
Monday 8:30 Hyperion 101: An Introduction to the Oracle EPM/BI Suite Andrew Jorgensen Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 10:00 Why Can’t I Look at an Essbase Cube? Angie Wilcox Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 11:30 Essbase Application Design Considerations for Beginners Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 2:45 Dimension and Data Loading Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 4:15 BSO Calculation Basics Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9


Tues 8:30 Managing an EPM Project Successfully – A Client’s Perspective Panel led by Natalie Delemar Peony*
Tues 11:30 Don’t Do This! Effective Strategies to Avoid Building Ineffective ASO Cubes Martin Slack Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Or Essbase Experts Panel Panel hosted by Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9*
Tues 2:15 Oracle Essbase Worst Practices – Lessons from a Moron Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Tues 3:45 Automation: MaxL and Scripting Cameron Lackpour Cibolo Canyon 9
Tues 5:00 Intro to MDX and ASO Gary Crisci Cibolo Canyon 9


Wed 8:30 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Oracle Support Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 9:45 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Part 2 Panel hosted by Robb Salzmann Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 11:15 Intro to Essbase Studio Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 1:45 So Many Tools Which Do I Use Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 3:00 Essbase New Features Gabby Rubin Cibolo Canyon 9


Thurs 8:30 Beginning Calc Manager Jeff Richardson Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 10:30 Intro to Analysis Kevin Cox Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 11:45 Beginner’s Guide to Financial Reporting Mehmet Sevinc Cibolo Canyon 9

* Shared session with another track

Register for Kscope!

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In honor of Flashback Friday, ODTUG President Mike Riley compiled a list of quotes of Kscope past, present, and we hope future speakers and attendees.  We want you to go to Kscope for all of the reasons listed below.

Monty Latiolais

“It’s at Kaleidoscope you realize we all have so much in common” – Monty

– ODTUG Vice President (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2009/04/22/remembering-kaleidoscope%e2%80%99s-past/)

“My best memories of previous conferences are the friends and contacts that I have made. There are plenty of fun activities and the day of service is a great opportunity to give back if you get to the conference early.” – Lewis Cunningham – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/01/18/countdown-to-kaleidoscope-2010-begins/)

John Scott

“If I could only go to one conference, it would be Kaleidoscope… hands down, every time.” – John Scott – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/odtug-kaleidoscope-interview-with-john-scott/)

“This is a great conference for sharing experience and learning from the community.” – Sue Harper – Former Senior Principal Product Manager for Database Development Tools – Oracle

“I remember thinking to myself how awesome it was to have that much talent and experience in one room and knowing that you could not find that anywhere else.” Gary Crisci – Oracle ACE (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/03/01/gary-crisci-interview-on-kaleidoscope-2010/)

Scott Spendolini

“For Oracle APEX developers, there is no place that even comes close to the depth & breadth of content & presenters that will be at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010″ – Scott Spendolini – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/03/08/scott-spendolini-odtug-kaleidoscope-and-washington-dc/)

“There is no doubt in my mind that if you’re a developer working with Oracle technologies, of any sort, you need to be at Kaleidoscope!” – Duncan Mills – Oracle Development Tools Division (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/03/17/duncan-mills-laptop-throwing-and-condensed-soup/)

Steven Feuerstein

“Kaleidoscope is one of my favorite conferences. It has a focus and intimacy that are both lost in the bigger conferences. I don’t mind talking to people who haven’t a clue about PL/SQL, but I would much rather hang out with other development geeks – and Kaleidoscope is the place to do it.” – Steven Feuerstein – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/03/23/interview-with-steven-feuerstein/)

“I’ve been to several large Oracle conferences around the world including Open World, where I met and spoke to many people. My visit to Kaleidoscope, New Orleans and last year Monterey was where I solidified strong friendships with people who are “super-keen” about what they do. This is an incredibly refreshing attitude which on return to work keeps me going with a buzz for many weeks… at least until the next pay check.” – Chris Muir – Oracle ACE Director (https://odtug.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/countdown-to-kaleidoscope-90-days-to-go-chris-muir-interview/)

This is just part 1 of our quote compilation.  We’ll have more for you next week.  If you would like to be quoted next year Register for Kscope12!

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Recently we were fortunate enough to be  able to sit down with David Peake, the Product Manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX).   Peake will be presenting at Kscope12 and was kind enough to create a video  telling everyone in the Applications Express community why they (meaning you :)) should attend Kscope! Watch his video to learn why you should go to Kscope12.  Here’s a teaser quote:

If you can’t find sessions that interest you, then you mustn’t be very interested in Application Express.

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Floyd Teter, Fusion Middleware Content Team LeadGuest Blogger: Floyd Teter

A few weeks ago, I spent my weekend in Nashville hosting Oracle workshops. The audience was composed mostly of end users. The hot topics (services-based integration, standardized UI look and feel, mobile apps) are related to Fusion Middleware. Luckily, ODTUG has an answer for that: the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12.

We have some pretty hot topics on the agenda for the Fusion Middleware track:

  • Combining ADF and report development has always been a challenge (for me, at least). We’ll have a great session on using open source tools to close that gap.
  • UI design patterns have been grabbing a ton of attention lately. The Fusion Middleware track includes several sessions on bringing UI design patterns to ADF.
  • Mobile: in recognition that the post-PC age is upon us, we’ve incorporated several sessions on mobile development.
  • Oracle guru Jake Kuramoto (of AppsLab fame) will be showing us how to extend WebCenter.

So, you’ve likely been happily plugging along with your PL/SQL tools or your LAMP stack for years. They’ve grown near and dear to your heart. So why should you care about Fusion Middleware? Think back to that Nashville experience I just mentioned. Fusion Middleware gives you tools to provide what your customers want: services-based integration, that Fusion look-and-feel, and a great emerging platform for Oracle-related mobile apps development.

Join us in the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12. See what your customers want.

*Floyd will also be presenting at Kscope12 Design Time, Design Time @ Run Time, Personalization…What The Huh?


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