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#Kscope 11 BI EPM Lunch and Learn

#Kscope 11 BI/EPM Lunch and Learn

Guest Blogger: Martin D’Souza

Coming to the best Oracle Developer’s conference in the world this summer (i.e. Kscope 12)? If you are, and I certainly hope you are, you probably have a list of things to bring: clothes, toothbrush, clean underwear & socks (no exceptions :-), laptop, etc.

What you may not have on your packing list is a list of questions to bring and get answered by the world’s leading experts! On Tuesday, June 26, there will be a Lunch & Learn panel for each of the main content groups. The panels will be filled with Oracle ACE and ACE Directors who will gladly answer all of your questions.

On a personal note, I’ll be participating in the Oracle APEX panel, and I’m really excited to be sitting next to the best of the best in the APEX community.

You can see a complete list of the different Lunch & Learn sessions along with the moderators and panelists at: http://kscope12.com/content/lunch-a-learn.

Don’t forget to bring your questions to Kscope12!


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The ODTUG Board of Directors met on Tuesday, January 3, 2012, to elect the Executive Committee members for the ODTUG Board. My congratulations go out to the winners of this election process. The Board has once again elected me as President (my final year on the Board due to term limits – although I can re-enter the election process in the fall of 2013 – and my fourth as the President). I look forward to the challenges that the organization will undoubtably face in the next 12 months, and also serving alongside the rest of the Board and the new Executive Committee.

Elected for the first time to the ODTUG Executive Committee, Monty Latiolais will be serving as the Vice President of ODTUG. Monty is currently starting his third year as a Board Member for ODTUG, and has served in varying capacities and on various committees while on the Board and even before he became an ODTUG Board member. Monty will be a great addition to the Executive Committee, and as I spoke to Monty just after the conclusion of the election process, he is very excited about his newly expanded role within the organization. Based upon his track record of success so far within ODTUG, I expect nothing but the same type of results from him in this position.

Barbara Morris, left, and Monty Latiolais, right

The 2012 Secretary is Bambi Price. Bambi has served as Secretary for ODTUG before, and most recently, last year as the Vice President. Bambi is committed to ODTUG expanding its reach into global markets, as evedenced by our participation in the InSync conference and hosting our very own SP conference in Sydney, Australia last year. Bambi will continue to serve the organization proudly and represent you, the members as well.

Dave Schleis, Bambi Price, and husband Frederick Price

Rounding out the Executive Committee is the 2012 Treasurer, Jerry Ireland. Jerry returns to the ODTUG Board after  a one year absence, and also returns to an Executive Committee position. Jerry has served as Vice President before, and is returning to another familiar slot for him on the ODTUG Board as Treasurer. Jerry brings much user group experience, and real world experience and expertise back to the Board. His financial knowledge will be well served in this role on the Board.

Jerry Ireland, pictured here at a dinner with Debra Lilley in 2009

So, what to look forward to in the next few weeks? Well, the ODTUG Board will be gathering for their winter face to face meeting in a couple of weeks. This will take place at the 2012 KScope conference location, the JW Marriott San Antonio Hill Country resort. We’ll be setting the direction of the organization for 2012 and beyond, all the while familiarizing the entire Board with the conference location. Look for some more information about what to expect at KScope12 to come from the ODTUG Board Members, as everyone will be spending more than 3 days at the resort.

A smaller group of the Board will then leave directly from the Board Meeting and head to Oracle HQ in Redwood Shores, CA for the annual IOUC Leaders Summit. This summit hosts the leaders from user groups across the globe. Oracle provides the conference location and setting, and the leaders talk directly with Oracle to learn things beneficial to our members for the year. In addition, perhaps the greatest benefit is that the user group leaders take advantage of this opportunity to network with other user group leaders, to learn from each other, and to work with each other for the benefit of the overall user community. Who benefits the most from this event? That’s right, it’s you, our members.

Look for more updates on these and many other ODTUG initiatives in the next few months.

Oh, have I mentioned that you really should be making your plans to attend KScope 12 in June? Find the details here. We are experiencing tremendous interest in the conference, and registration is going well. We anticipate that we will completely fill up the hotel, so make your plans and reserve your room today!

One last thing to mention as we start 2012.  We want to continue to provide you with the best Oracle Content around so if you would like to present a webinar please contact Lauren lauren@odtug.com so we can get our calendar filled up.

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Guest Post: Cameron Lackpour, ODTUG Board Member, Director

ODTUG Board of Directors


Why oh why oh why would anyone run for the ODTUG board of directors?

The not so serious reasons you run for the ODTUG board

Perhaps the candidate has:

  • An obsessive fascination with committees
  • Way too much free time and the desire to fill it
  • A love of board conference calls on Sunday nights

The real reasons you run for the ODTUG board

I kid, I kid, those aren’t the real reasons.  I think the below is a much more likely set of motivations:

  • Gratitude – You have been given much by ODTUG in the form of knowledge, networking, and exposure, and you want to show your appreciation.
  • Vision – You want to influence where ODTUG goes in the future.
  • Service – You want to serve the ODTUG membership through dedicated thought and action.

And now the detail

If knowledge is power, and in our business, it’s all about what you know, reflect on how ODTUG has given you deep technical knowledge through conferences, webinars, the technical journal, and the resource library.  Don’t forget the unparalleled opportunity the various conferences and events give you a chance to meet your peers and exchange ideas.  Think about how little you paid for it.  It’s a pretty compelling ROI.  Serving on the board is one way to give thanks for all that ODTUG has given.

ODTUG is made up of smart people with lots good ideas.  If you want to see those ideas made concrete, getting onto the board is the surest way to see Your Brilliant Idea come to life.

The ODTUG board of directors is a diverse group of people with different backgrounds, nationalities, technologies, and outlooks, but we’re not a shambolic gaggle of geeks because at our core we’re all there to help ODTUG serve its members to the best of everyone’s abilities.  That concept of service, and the concomitant sacrifice that it will entail (see the semi-humorous bullet points above), is what drives all of us.  It’s inspiring and humbling all at the same time.  I know that has spurred me into different directions than I would have taken otherwise.

So was I joking?  Only a little.

Committees (the tool for getting things done), demands on time (the execution of the committees’ decisions), and those ever-popular Sunday conference calls (you try scheduling international conference calls – it’s harder than you think):  all true, and all part of being on the ODTUG board.  Don’t let it scare you away, but know that all of that and more is there.  It’s not too bad, I promise.  🙂

Should you run for the board?

If you’ve read this far, absolutely.  You’re obviously:  a person who wants to give back to an organization that has given much to you, are a far sighted individual who wants to direct ODTUG in new and exciting directions, and you have a deep desire to serve the ODTUG community.  I can’t wait to work with you.

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ODTUG Board Meeting –

The weekend of January 22-23, the ODTUG Board had it’s first face to face Board Meeting of the year.  While I cannot divulge some of the actions taken during this Board Meeting, I am pleased to let you know that the focus of many of our discussions were the members.  What do we do for the members, what do the members want from their membership, and how we can do a better job for the members were several of the discussions that were part of the weekend.  We have formed a membership committee to investigate many of the aspects of membership and they will report back to the Board with their findings as the year progresses.

With three new members joining the ODTUG Board in January, we had a professional Parliamentarian, former ODTUG Board Member Bruce Bergman, join us for a discussion on the processes and procedures that we as a Board need to be following during meetings.  One of the foundations to our Board is that we use Robert’s Rules of Order as a foundation for how we govern the organization.  Other important pieces of the foundation are our Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Standing Rules, or Policies.  This was an important level set for all of the Board Members so that we can work effectively and efficiently as a group.

We also spent a little bit of time at the start of the meeting getting to know ourselves and each other a little bit better.  We may think we know each other very well, but taking a little time to answer some questions based on the Myers-Briggs personality type tests gave us some interesting results. We took the time to learn from our answers, and share with each other our thoughts on both our own answers and each others.

As usual, the Kscope conference was a major portion of the discussions.  Edward Roske, Kscope conference chair, was in attendance and participated in the Board Meeting. His report gave the Board insight into the status of the conference and future directions. The conference is really looking to be the best one ever, which is saying a lot considering the quality of the conference as history has shown us.  We just announced our keynote speaker, Joey Asher, author of “Even A Geek Can Speak”.  See Joey’s personal message to Kscope attendees here.  Joey is an entertaining and informative speaker, and he will help Kscope attendees in two ways:  1 – if you are a frequent presenter, Joey will give you some tips to improve your abilities to share with others, and 2 – for the non-presenters, he will help you communicate better in any situation.  Early Bird Registration continues, please sign up here.  Please tell them that you read about it on the ODTUG Blog.

On a personal note, I was reunited with my son’s geo bear.  This is a project his fifth grade class started in the fall.  The bear is a stuffed animal, and he has a backpack with postcards in it for sending via mail, and a picture with a description of the class and our area.  The task was to send the bear off on travels to explore the world and receive word back from.  Luckily, my Oracle User Group friends have been an invaluable help in sending the bear off on his travels.  The bear’s name is Ujurak.

The first travel companion for Ujurak was Debra Lilley.  Debra is a dear friend, and despite her already having a traveling companion, that pesky Stanley, she graciously took Stanley to Ireland, England, Belgium, and Denmark among other places.  Debra then sent Ujurak on his way to spend to time with Heli Helskyaho.  Heli made sure that Ujurak visited Sweden, Finland, and England again, among other places.  This past week, I was reunited with the bear for a very short period of time, as I found another travel companion for Ujurak to continue his globe trotting.  Bambi Price took Ujurak back to Australia with he, where he will get to see some of that part of the world.  Below is a picture of Ujurak as he said goodbye to Stanley while in San Francisco.

Being a member of the ODTUG Board is an exciting and challenging job.  I have made great friends, and my son is learning more about the world by hearing of Ujurak’s travels.  Thanks Debra, Heli, and Bambi.  You have made my son’s project way more enjoyable than it would have been!

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#ODTUG Elections 2010

“The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret ballot or by equivalent free voting procedures.”  – The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 21



Every year, about one half of the ODTUG Board is voted upon in an open election of the members.  Board Members are responsible for setting direction and representing the ODTUG Membership.  Each candidate has been nominated for a position on the ODTUG Board, and has shown a willingness to do so for a two-year term.  This year, the popularity and growth of ODTUG, along with an excellent group of volunteers willing to step forward to represent the membership, has produced the largest set of candidates in the HISTORY of ODTUG.  There are 14 candidates vying for 4 open Board positions.

How should you choose among the candidates?

That’s the toughest part of the process.  Among the many candidates, there are current Board Members (like myself), former Board Members, some returning candidates, and some brand new candidates.  They represent many topic areas, including Hyperion, Business Intelligence, and Oracle Application Express, among others.  They are project managers, developers, and Oracle ACEs.  They are dedicated, and willing to step forward to represent the ODTUG Members.  So which four candidates should you pick?  My recommendation to you is to consider several factors before casting your vote:

Read the Campaign Statements and Biographies – These are often very informative and provide some clues as to the candidate’s desire to serve on the Board.  Have they been active volunteers?  Have they been active volunteers within the ODTUG Community?  Have they served on the ODTUG Board, the ODTUG Conference Committee, an active special interest group, etc…?  Are they interested in stepping up their volunteer involvement?  Are they looking to give back to the ODTUG Community?

Think about the make-up of the ODTUG Board.  We have four returning Board Members for the remainder of their 2010-2011 terms:  John King, Monty Latiolais, Bambi Price, and Mark Rittman.  Which candidates would you like to see serving alongside these four Board Members?  Are there subject areas that deserve more representation on the ODTUG Board?  Are there leadership qualities that you believe are essential for Board Members?

DO NOT choose by the “Eeny Meenie Miney Moe” method!  This election is very important for determining the future of ODTUG, and deserves more than just a random selection process.

One of the rights that you are granted via your paid membership is to have your voice heard.  Your ballot will be counted in this election, and you have a key role in determining the future direction of ODTUG by voting.  With such a large number of candidates for only four open positions, the vote that you cast may be the one that makes the difference!  Make sure and vote today.  Please select no more than 4 candidates. Please vote by Tuesday, November 2 , 2010. All voting this year will be conducted online; no paper ballots will be accepted.

Please look at all 14 candidates and cast your vote accordingly.  Your choice will help determine the future of ODTUG and the future of the ODTUG Board of Directors.

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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is over!  While I had to leave early Tuesday (the paying job takes precedence over the volunteer job), there are many things to talk about that happened while I was at OpenWorld this year.  I’ll attempt to cover a few of them in this posting.

Saturday Night, the ODTUG Board and YCC staff got together to discuss our plans and obligations for the week.  With Sunday User Forum, MySQL Sunday, and Oracle Develop to attend to during the week, along with many other meetings, this was an important start to the week.  It was nice for everyone to see everyone again, and to recharge and energize for the tasks ahead during the week.  Below is a picture of fellow Board Members Barbara Morris and Monty Latiolais at the dinner at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro.

Saturday Evening Dinner before OpenWorld 2010

Sunday morning, I had a breakfast meeting with IOUG President Andy Flower, and IOUG Executive Vice President John Matelski.  Networking with other user group leaders is one of the prime benefits of attending Oracle OpenWorld.  Thanks for breakfast, gentlemen!  Sunday at OpenWorld, we were split between three different areas at OpenWorld.  As always, we occupied Moscone West for the Sunday User Forum Day, and had four different Symposia to choose from.  All of the sessions were well attended, and we tried to make sure someone was onhand at each session to hand out flyers and raffle entries (where we were giving out a free registration to Kscope11, to be held in Long Beach, CA June 26-30, 2011).  We also manned our booth on the second floor of Moscone West.  This is always a popular area, as attendees get to learn about many of the Oracle User Groups, not just ODTUG.  In fact, this may be the best place to find out information about user groups while attending Oracle OpenWorld.  I am confident that each and every user group is willing to talk with you about your interests, and if you are not a good fit for that user group, we are all willing to recommend each other to those in attendance.  There are many user groups, and we are all here for one reason and one reason only – to support the users in the best way possible.  If you were there, leave a comment on this blog posting to let us know what you thought of the day.

The second area that we supported was the MySQL Sunday program.  This program was new to OpenWorld this year, and was held in the Marriott Marquis hotel, just down the street from Moscone West.  Kathleen McCasland, ODTUG’s Executive Director, manned our area during this program, answering questions about ODTUG and providing information about our upcoming Kscope11 conference, mentioned above.  This event was well attended, and many of those in attendance were interested in learning more about ODTUG.

The last area that ODTUG Board Members supported was at the Java User Group Forum, which was held at Moscone South.  Since the Java User Groups are well established, this is a great opportunity to network with the other leaders of user groups.  We all have a lot to learn from each other, and would do well to take advantage the opportunities to do so.

Sunday was a busy day, and one that kept us hopping all day long.  My thanks to all those that spoke on behalf of ODTUG, those in attendance, and the ODTUG Board and YCC Staff that helped support the user group during this hectic day.  To wind things down in the evening, OpenWorld attendees got experience an Oktoberfest, Oracle OpenWorld style.  From what I hear, this was a fun time, with many different beers available for your consumption.

This was the first year that I was unable to attend the Welcome Reception.  Being named an Oracle ACE earlier this year, I was invited to attend my first ACE/ACE Director event.  Thanks to Oracle, OTN, and of course Justin Kestelyn, Vikki Lira and Lillian Buziak for putting on a first class event.  Having a large number of Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors in attendance, this was a great opportunity to network with the best of the best in the Oracle technology world.  I had a great time talking with many old friends, and making some new friends as well.  Fellow ODTUG Board Members Jerry Ireland and John King, newly minted Oracle ACEs as well, were at the event as well.

You may ask where the Oracle ACE/ACE Director event was held?  Well, this was quite a treat.  We were bused across town from the Hilton to the wharf, and took over the Commodore Chardonnay for the evening.  We had dinner aboard the boat, and cruised the San Francisco Bay for a wonderful evening.  The moon was close to full, and the fog held off long enough for us to enjoy the evening on the deck.  Thanks especially to my dinner mates at the table:  Edward Roske, Danielle White, Glenn Schwartzberg, Tim Tow, and Chis Bucchere.  I had a nice time talking with other ACE and ACE Directors including Cary Millsap, Debra Lilley, and Todd Sheetz.  I even (very briefly) finally got to say hello to Oraclenerd (Chet Justice).  I promise, we’ll talk longer the next time that we meet!  I also spent some of my time talking to both Lillian and Vikki, thanking them for putting on the event, and also starting discussions about the ACE/ACE Director Program and Kscope11.  Stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer.  I’ll put a couple of pictures of mine in this posting, and here is a link to Markus Eisele’s picture of the Bay Bridge from the boat.  Markus’s blog can be found here.

Alcatraz Island from the Bay

Ghirardelli Square from the Bay at Night

Bay Bridge and Downtown San Francisco

Monday at OpenWorld, ODTUG was split in two different ways (at least).  We manned our booth once again at Moscone West.  In addition, we had a table at Develop/JavaOne that we took care of.  This table was located at the tent outside the Hilton/Parc55/Nikko, about 6 blocks from Moscone West.  The tent acted like a hothouse, and until the air conditioning was figured out, was very uncomfortable.  We had a lot of traffic at this location, and for many in the Java Community, this was their first chance to learn a little bit about ODTUG.  The hottest giveaway though was our ODTUG “ODTUGGER” tug boat.  Many people wanted this for their kids, but this also got the traffic moving to our spot.  Here is a picture of our boat.


Monday evening was capped off with the first ever ODTUG Meetup!  Held at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.  We hosted around 100 of our closest friends:  speakers, Oracle Product Managers, attendees, and other user group leaders.  We had a great time, good food, and good beer for everyone.  This was our little way of providing another networking opportunity for everyone.  Despite all of the other receptions going on, and OTN Night, we had a very good turnout for our event.  We will need to evaluate the success of this event to determine whether we’d like to do it again next year, but personally, I think this was a clear winner.  I hope that we can continue this tradition next year.

I had a mid-morning flight on Tuesday, so that is all of the coverage that I can provide you of OpenWorld.  I missed the Appreciation Event on Treasure Island, as I understand that the Black Eyed Peas, Steve Miller Band, and Don Henley all rocked the San Francisco Bay.  Maybe I’ll be able to attend next year

Thanks to Oracle for putting on a great event, to OTN, Vikki, Lillian and Justin for your hospitality, to the city of San Francisco for having such a great city, and to our attendees and speakers for your outstanding support and representation of ODTUG at this event!

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Fellow ODTUG Board Member Monty Latiolais provides the following blog post.  Come find ODTUG on the second floor of Moscone West at Open World, or in the tent at JavaOne/Develop.  See you there!

ODTUG at Oracle OpenWorld

September 19-23, 2010
Moscone Center
User Groups Pavilion, Moscone West, Level 2 Lobby
San Francisco, CA

Are you a developer or architect who wants in-depth technical training at Oracle OpenWorld?

ODTUG is offering four different symposia during User Group Sunday:

·         OBIEE – This symposium features presentations on Planning for High Performance; OBIEE Dashboards and Answers Best Practices; an Exadata and OBIEE Retail Case Study with Jon Mead of Rittman Mead; and an OBIEE Performance, Architecture, and Best Practices Panel with Mark Rittman as moderator.
·         Web Architecture – Led by Dr. Paul Dorsey of Dulcian, Inc., this symposium features presentations on Performance Tuning Web Applications; WebLogic Server Application Security; A Study of Performance Anti-Patterns; and Load Testing your Web Applications.
·         EPM – This symposium features presentations by Edward Roske of interRel Consulting and Al Marciante of Oracle Corporation. The highlight of the event will be a keynote presentation by Rich Clayton of Oracle Corporation entitled, “The Coming Together of Business Intelligence and Enterprise Performance Management.”
·         Application Express – The highlights of this APEX symposium will be two case studies let by Scott Spendolini of Sumneva and an APEX Expert Panel Discussion with Scott Spendolini, Dimitri Gielis, and John Scott fielding questions from the audience.

During Oracle OpenWorld, ODTUG has twenty presentations from leading speakers like Steven Feuerstein, Paul Dorsey, Peter Koletzke, John Scott, Dimitri Gielis, Scott Spendolini, and many more, about next-generation development trends and technologies.

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As I run through the days, I realize that Monday may have been the most nerve-wracking for me.  Starting off with the General Session, it is our chance to address the attendees by giving them updates on ODTUG activities, conference news, awards, etc…

One of the first pieces of news that I was able to talk about was the fact that our attendance and paid attendance grew by 50% from 2009.  This continues an upward trend for ODTUG Kaleidoscope.  In 2009, our attendance grew (not by this large amount) when the economy was in trouble and every other conference was down on attendance by 30% or more.  In 2010, most conferences that I have heard of are reporting gains on attendance from 2009 numbers.  While this is true (and congratulations to the other independent Oracle user groups for their growth numbers), I don’t believe that anyone has claimed the growth that we have experienced.  This is not the result of a single event or decision, a single person, or luck.  I believe that this is a result of the entire team responsible for the conference:  the conference committee, the content teams, the volunteers, speakers, Oracle ACE and ACE Directors, Oracle itself, and all of the rest of the vendors.  In addition, our management team at YCC, led by Kathleen McCasland, the ODTUG Executive Director, is the best in the business, and a true partner with ODTUG in every initiative.  Thanks to everyone that made this conference a success!

We announced our SP Conference was going international, planned for Brussels, Belgium.  I’ll talk more about this in an upcoming post.  Another special announcement was that we are hosting a second SP conference this fall, this one in Dallas, Texas.  Again, I’ll have more details in another post later on in the blog.

Next, co-conference chairs John Jeunnette and Jerry Ireland took the stage to talk about the conference, and hand out some awards.  Speaker awards from the 2009 conference went to Michael Rosenblum, Sten Vesterli, and Cameron Lackpour.  The Editor’s Choice Award for the best paper for the 2010 conference went to Cary Millsap.  Congratulations to all of our award winners.

The next announcement came in the form of announcing the 2011 Conference Chair.  Oracle ACE Director Edward Roske was named as the 2011 Conference Chair.  Edward then led the attendees through a fun, fast paced look at Kscope 11, and announced the location of Long Beach, California.  Our special event in 2011 will be held on the Queen Mary.  Edward also used text messaging for live polls of the audience in real-time during his talk at the general session.  The challenge is in front of Edward and his conference committee to make 2011 event better than 2010.  I’ll be working with them side by side to help make this happen.

Edward Roske, Kscope 11 Conference Chair

Then, I had the extreme privilege of introducing our keynote speaker, Lee Rainie.  Lee talked about the social impact of the internet, and the many surveys that  the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project has conducted recently.  Lee was a very interesting keynote speaker, one that had broad appeal to our widely varied attendees.

After a full day of conference activities, we hosted the “Sundown Sessions with the Oracle ACE Directors”.  These sessions, all hosted by Oracle ACE Directors, is a big hit with our attendees.  After this was over, we welcomed the Java Bus for a stop on its Code to Coast Roadtrip.  This was a good event that supports Oracle and demonstrates their commitment to the Java Community.  To see a video of the Kaleidoscope stop, click here.

We also presented Vikki Lira and Lillian Buziak (unfortunately, Lillian was unable to attend Kaleidoscope) with the Oracle Contributor of the Year Award.  I can think of no one more deserving than these two ladies, due to their support of the entire user community, the Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors, and ODTUG specifically.  Congratulations once again, Vikki and Lillian.

Vikki Lira receives the Oracle Contributor of the Year Award for 2010

However, from a personal standpoint, the highlight of my evening was being presented with an Oracle ACE Award.  I am very proud of this accomplishment, and was surprised to receive it at the conference.  Thanks to all who made this happen!

My Oracle ACE Award

A busy day, one that had lots of learning opportunities for all attendees, and many meetings that I needed to attend behind the scenes.  Next, I’ll look at Tuesday’s happenings.  Maybe they’ll be a bit shorter.

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Sunday at Kaleidoscope 2010 – Symposia Sunday

The first official day of the conference started with four different Symposia to choose from:  APEX:  From A to Z, Oracle EPM and Essbase Symposium, Performance, Scalability and Security, and the SOA and BPM Symposium.  These full day Symposia started out several years ago as an add-on to the conference (thanks Dr. Paul Dorsey), and have evolved through the years to offer multiple different topic areas, and are now an integral part of the conference.

Sunday this year was a little different as we have moved the conference off of starting on Father’s Day.  The 2011 conference also avoids Father’s Day.  We did not announce this change, but I believe that many of the fathers in attendance had an easier choice to make this year.  I know that my kids were happy to celebrate Father’s Day with me this year, which hasn’t happened for a while.

My Kids

(The above is a picture of my kids in front of the White House in Washington, their first ODTUG experience!).

Our Speaker/Ambassador meeting this year was enhanced this year by providing refreshments.  Hint:  to get involved for the first time at ODTUG Kscope 11, a great way to start is to volunteer to ambassador a session.  This allows you to get a cool keepsake (this year, a nice beige ballcap with the ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 logo on it), and meet the speaker one on one.  When I started out volunteering with ODTUG, this was one of the first things that I did.  It is the easiest way to get introduced to a speaker, and to help the conference run smoothly.

ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 Ambassador Hat

Immediately afterwards, the Welcome Reception started.  This was the attendees first chance to mingle with the Vendors (thanks to all of the vendors that helped make ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 such a huge success!)  As a special treat, we hosted a “Battle of the Rock Bands”.  This was a fun way to interact with the attendees, break the ice, and have some fun.  I hope that you got a chance to participate.  To see a video of one of the bands, you can check it out here.

There are several more days of the conference to run through.  I encourage the attendees that were there to comment on this blog about your experiences.  I also encourage those of you that took pictures while at the conference to tag them with ODTUG or ODTUG2010, and upload them to Flickr or another photo sharing site.  Leave me a comment as to where they are.  We’d like to share them with everyone that was there, and to show how much fun we had to those that were unable to attend.

Don’t miss out on Kscope 11 – Where the Cool Kids Are!  Registration is already open, and presentation abstract submission is also open.

If you attended Kaleidoscope 2010, you can access the presentations and papers via the Schedule Builder here.

See you in Long Beach!

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ODTUG Board Member John King contributes the following blog post on the first couple of days of ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010.

“Rah-rah Ron Brown Rockets! ODTUG Kaleidoscope‘s 2010 community project enhanced Ron Brown Middle School in the Deanwood section of Washington DC. Volunteers worked organizing the library (some books about computers were dated from the 1970’s!), landscaping (pretty flowers!), and painting the playground’s basketball and other game courts. It was a hot but satisfying day; plenty of water was on hand and we were rewarded at lunchtime with pizza! Finally, we mounted a custom ODTUG-volunteer created sign on the playground that spells out “Ron Brown Rockets” in bright colors that can be seen clearly from far away. Great job all! Many of us finished the afternoon watching the World Cup in the hotel bar after cooling off in a shower and changing clothes. ODTUG Kaleidoscope is international (33 countries represented this year) so the USA-Ghana match had vocal supporters on both sides; we had a great time!

Kaleidoscope’s FREE Sunday symposiums were busy with lots of interesting and entertaining discussions. ODTUGgers learned about APEX, Hyperion/Essbase, SOA, and Web architecture in a busy day of learning. Tonight’s opening reception offers a “battle of the bands” where ODTUGgers from around the world (33 countries represented at ODTUG Kaleidoscope this year) use the supplied instruments to demonstrate musical talents.

Monday’s keynote was  the “Future of the Internet and its Social Impact” keynote by Lee Rainie, Director of the PEW Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. We’ll also be looking forward to a visit from the Oracle “Java Bus” as it makes its journey around the US.”

Thanks for this, John!

More on Monday in  a later post.  Whew!  The week has just started…

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