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Dave Schleis Guest Blogger: David Schleis

For the last dozen years, springtime has always meant one thing: cleaning up all the surprises exposed by the melting snow (you northern-tier dog-owners know what I’m talking about). But aside from that, this time of year always meant that it was crunch-time for writing the paper for my upcoming presentation at Kscope. I enjoy writing these papers, but I’d be lying if I said that it was all fun. There are pressures of the deadlines, making sure I get things right, that I don’t use “then” when I mean “than,” and generally that I read smarter than I actually am.

This year, however, is different in several ways; first of all, there was not much snow over the winter, so the back yard is surprise-free. Also, I am not presenting at Kscope. “Why?” you may ask. As I am not a meteorologist, I will not get into the reasons for the former, but as to the latter, the primary reason is that this year I have the honor and awesome responsibility of being the Content Co-Chair for Kscope12.

So, while this time of year is typically punctuated with brief bursts of excitement, anticipation, and fear regarding my own presentation, this year those feelings have expanded to encompass everybody’s presentations (no pressure). Fortunately, I know that the speakers at Kscope are the best there are. I know that the abstract review process used was designed to select the best of the well-known presenters, as well as ensuring that new speakers will get a chance to share their knowledge with the welcoming audiences of Kscope. I know that the content selection teams did a remarkable job with a difficult task. I know that I have nothing to worry about, right?

This year I can enjoy these weeks of spring, free from any of the trials or tribulations that are a part of my creative process for developing a Kscope presentation. This year I can focus on why I’m looking forward to Kscope. There are, of course, all of the standard reasons:

  • Reconnecting with my ODTUG friends, and making new ones.
  • The chance to interact with so many people so much smarter than me.
  • Learning from old hats and young guns; from the basics to the bleeding edge.
  • That reenergized feeling you take back to work.

But this year is different in another way. This year, I have a new focus. My place of employment has recently purchased an Oracle Forms-based COTS system to replace a large portion of the code-base I have created over the years. Those portions that are not being replaced will need interfaces, and these interfaces need to be written in PL/SQL. While I have been a thick-database proponent for years, I have not been much of a practitioner. The reasons for this are many, both institutional and personal. The Designer Table API packages, VB, PHP, and Groovy seemed like the most expeditious means to get the apps out of my head and into the hands of the users. (You might say that this just means that I was lazy, but “expeditious” sounds so much better). Anyway, regardless of the reasons, I have not done any serious PL/SQL coding for a number of years. To say that my skills are rusty would imply more of an existing, solid foundation than, I am afraid, actually exists.

In light of the new opportunities placed before me, this year I will be focusing like a shotgun on SQL and PL/SQL coding like I never have before. Just a few of the sessions that I am looking forward to are:

This year is different for me in many ways, but one thing that remains the same is my anticipation of the best conference for developers using all things Oracle: Kscope12. So I hope you’ll join me and hundreds of fellow developers from across the Oracle family, at the incredible learning and networking experience that is Kscope12.

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Oracle OpenWorld 2010 is over!  While I had to leave early Tuesday (the paying job takes precedence over the volunteer job), there are many things to talk about that happened while I was at OpenWorld this year.  I’ll attempt to cover a few of them in this posting.

Saturday Night, the ODTUG Board and YCC staff got together to discuss our plans and obligations for the week.  With Sunday User Forum, MySQL Sunday, and Oracle Develop to attend to during the week, along with many other meetings, this was an important start to the week.  It was nice for everyone to see everyone again, and to recharge and energize for the tasks ahead during the week.  Below is a picture of fellow Board Members Barbara Morris and Monty Latiolais at the dinner at Annabelle’s Bar and Bistro.

Saturday Evening Dinner before OpenWorld 2010

Sunday morning, I had a breakfast meeting with IOUG President Andy Flower, and IOUG Executive Vice President John Matelski.  Networking with other user group leaders is one of the prime benefits of attending Oracle OpenWorld.  Thanks for breakfast, gentlemen!  Sunday at OpenWorld, we were split between three different areas at OpenWorld.  As always, we occupied Moscone West for the Sunday User Forum Day, and had four different Symposia to choose from.  All of the sessions were well attended, and we tried to make sure someone was onhand at each session to hand out flyers and raffle entries (where we were giving out a free registration to Kscope11, to be held in Long Beach, CA June 26-30, 2011).  We also manned our booth on the second floor of Moscone West.  This is always a popular area, as attendees get to learn about many of the Oracle User Groups, not just ODTUG.  In fact, this may be the best place to find out information about user groups while attending Oracle OpenWorld.  I am confident that each and every user group is willing to talk with you about your interests, and if you are not a good fit for that user group, we are all willing to recommend each other to those in attendance.  There are many user groups, and we are all here for one reason and one reason only – to support the users in the best way possible.  If you were there, leave a comment on this blog posting to let us know what you thought of the day.

The second area that we supported was the MySQL Sunday program.  This program was new to OpenWorld this year, and was held in the Marriott Marquis hotel, just down the street from Moscone West.  Kathleen McCasland, ODTUG’s Executive Director, manned our area during this program, answering questions about ODTUG and providing information about our upcoming Kscope11 conference, mentioned above.  This event was well attended, and many of those in attendance were interested in learning more about ODTUG.

The last area that ODTUG Board Members supported was at the Java User Group Forum, which was held at Moscone South.  Since the Java User Groups are well established, this is a great opportunity to network with the other leaders of user groups.  We all have a lot to learn from each other, and would do well to take advantage the opportunities to do so.

Sunday was a busy day, and one that kept us hopping all day long.  My thanks to all those that spoke on behalf of ODTUG, those in attendance, and the ODTUG Board and YCC Staff that helped support the user group during this hectic day.  To wind things down in the evening, OpenWorld attendees got experience an Oktoberfest, Oracle OpenWorld style.  From what I hear, this was a fun time, with many different beers available for your consumption.

This was the first year that I was unable to attend the Welcome Reception.  Being named an Oracle ACE earlier this year, I was invited to attend my first ACE/ACE Director event.  Thanks to Oracle, OTN, and of course Justin Kestelyn, Vikki Lira and Lillian Buziak for putting on a first class event.  Having a large number of Oracle ACEs and ACE Directors in attendance, this was a great opportunity to network with the best of the best in the Oracle technology world.  I had a great time talking with many old friends, and making some new friends as well.  Fellow ODTUG Board Members Jerry Ireland and John King, newly minted Oracle ACEs as well, were at the event as well.

You may ask where the Oracle ACE/ACE Director event was held?  Well, this was quite a treat.  We were bused across town from the Hilton to the wharf, and took over the Commodore Chardonnay for the evening.  We had dinner aboard the boat, and cruised the San Francisco Bay for a wonderful evening.  The moon was close to full, and the fog held off long enough for us to enjoy the evening on the deck.  Thanks especially to my dinner mates at the table:  Edward Roske, Danielle White, Glenn Schwartzberg, Tim Tow, and Chis Bucchere.  I had a nice time talking with other ACE and ACE Directors including Cary Millsap, Debra Lilley, and Todd Sheetz.  I even (very briefly) finally got to say hello to Oraclenerd (Chet Justice).  I promise, we’ll talk longer the next time that we meet!  I also spent some of my time talking to both Lillian and Vikki, thanking them for putting on the event, and also starting discussions about the ACE/ACE Director Program and Kscope11.  Stay tuned for more details as the event gets closer.  I’ll put a couple of pictures of mine in this posting, and here is a link to Markus Eisele’s picture of the Bay Bridge from the boat.  Markus’s blog can be found here.

Alcatraz Island from the Bay

Ghirardelli Square from the Bay at Night

Bay Bridge and Downtown San Francisco

Monday at OpenWorld, ODTUG was split in two different ways (at least).  We manned our booth once again at Moscone West.  In addition, we had a table at Develop/JavaOne that we took care of.  This table was located at the tent outside the Hilton/Parc55/Nikko, about 6 blocks from Moscone West.  The tent acted like a hothouse, and until the air conditioning was figured out, was very uncomfortable.  We had a lot of traffic at this location, and for many in the Java Community, this was their first chance to learn a little bit about ODTUG.  The hottest giveaway though was our ODTUG “ODTUGGER” tug boat.  Many people wanted this for their kids, but this also got the traffic moving to our spot.  Here is a picture of our boat.


Monday evening was capped off with the first ever ODTUG Meetup!  Held at the Thirsty Bear Brewing Company.  We hosted around 100 of our closest friends:  speakers, Oracle Product Managers, attendees, and other user group leaders.  We had a great time, good food, and good beer for everyone.  This was our little way of providing another networking opportunity for everyone.  Despite all of the other receptions going on, and OTN Night, we had a very good turnout for our event.  We will need to evaluate the success of this event to determine whether we’d like to do it again next year, but personally, I think this was a clear winner.  I hope that we can continue this tradition next year.

I had a mid-morning flight on Tuesday, so that is all of the coverage that I can provide you of OpenWorld.  I missed the Appreciation Event on Treasure Island, as I understand that the Black Eyed Peas, Steve Miller Band, and Don Henley all rocked the San Francisco Bay.  Maybe I’ll be able to attend next year

Thanks to Oracle for putting on a great event, to OTN, Vikki, Lillian and Justin for your hospitality, to the city of San Francisco for having such a great city, and to our attendees and speakers for your outstanding support and representation of ODTUG at this event!

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Several things to think about in the next 10 days leading up to Kaleidoscope.

1. The Marriott Wardman Park is out of rooms. If you’re attending and haven’t reserved a room yet, you may get lucky with a cancellation, but there are several hotels on the Metro line that should have openings. The conference and location is very popular, and while I wish we could accommodate everyone, it’s not going to be possible. Here’s a good suggestion: when next year’s conference dates and location are announced, register and reserve your room as soon as possible (hint – these announcements will be made at our general session on Monday, June 28 starting at 8:30 AM).

2. The Java Bus is coming! Monday afternoon/evening, June 28, the Java “Code to Coast” Road Trip will be making a stop at ODTUG Kaleidoscope. This is an added bonus for conference attendees to experience Oracle’s commitment to the Java community. However, this event is also open to ANYONE in the local Java Community. I hope that many Java community members in the DC area come out for the evening of fun, food, drinks, and networking.

3. Social Networking will once again be big. ODTUG is happy to have people use Twitter to spread the news about Kaleidoscope. If you are new to Twitter, we’ve put up a document on our website on how to get started. Our conference hashtag will be #odtug. Each presentation has its own ID, and Tweets about specific session can be done using #odtugSnnn (where nnn = Session ID). If you search Twitter for #odtug, you will be able to see Tweets about the conference and these individual sessions. We should have a couple of display monitors onsite to view the Tweets as they come in. Several people unable to attend last year got a lot out of the interactions possible with those attending ODTUG Kaleidoscope. It’s not just for those of you already in attendance.

If you are a blogger, let us know if you will be blogging about Kaleidoscope. We’d like to see what everyone has to say!

Foursquare may also be in use at the conference. Look for other users of Foursquare, become the mayor of a room, let us know where you’re at.  DC is a great place to explore, and Foursquare is a great way to enhance your experience.

Have fun with all of the social networking in use at the conference. If you’re using something that you think is really cool and we may not know about, let us know. We’re interested in participating as well.

4. The MySQL track looks excellent. A new article was posted here on the O’Reilly Community page about the track. Check out some of the sessions if you’re already registered, and if you haven’t registered, there is still time to be a part of the greatest developer conference around. We’re happy to welcome the MySQL community to Kaleidoscope, and look forward to a long future together.

That’s it for today. If you’re going to the conference, be involved and be active. It is the best way to get the most out of the conference.

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As I promised in my previous blog posting, I got the opportunity to ask Ronald Bradford some questions.  I hope this serves as an introduction to Ronald, and that you’ll attend Kaleidoscope to learn more from Ronald in person.

Ronald Bradford

MR: Would you like to share some background information about yourself for our ODTUG readers?

RB: “I have worked with various RDBMS technologies for 20+ years.   I was first introduced to Ingres at university and after my Bachelors Degree in 1989. I started my professional IT career performing Ingres database architecture, system design as well as software development.  I worked solidly with Ingres for 7 years including on Australia’s largest distributed Ingres deployment at the time.  In 1996 I was recruited by Oracle Corporation as their resident Ingres Specialist in the design and migration services group. I worked on the R&D Ingres to Oracle Conversion (ITOC) Workbench project where we successfully reverse engineered Ingres applications into Oracle Designer (Version 1.3.2) and then forward generated an Oracle database (Version 7.3) and also produced Oracle applications.  I got up to speed with Oracle technology and then worked in Oracle partner services providing Oracle consulting and custom application development including achieved the rare 100% generated Oracle Developer application once for a client. I have even endured having to install Oracle Financials once, thanks Bruce Turner for that unique privilege :).  My experience working with the Oracle RDBMS finished at single digit version (8i and 9i).

I joined my first now failed Internet startup in 1999. This was an Oracle/Java shop which was actually a startup using office space at Oracle and was one of my consulting gigs at the time. I started using and playing with MySQL in 1998/1999   From 2003 I had transitioned to full time to MySQL design, development, tuning, DBA support etc and included my now second failed Internet startup experience.  In 2006 after having provided independent consulting for a number of years in Australia around Java, MySQL and Oracle technologies I joined MySQL Inc as a Senior Consultant in the USA. I worked with MySQL the company behind the product, traveling weekly to new clients and new situations until the MySQL acquisition in 2008 by Sun Microsystems.  At this time I started providing independent MySQL consulting.  Today my work with clients involves a mixture of remote and onsite MySQL consulting and has included work in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.

My name may be known to some readers especially in the DC area.  I have presented to the Federal Government in the Ronald Reagan building twice, first in 2008 with the 1 day ‘DBA Bootcamp: MySQL for the Oracle DBA’ which I also presented in New York and San Francisco.  In 2009 I then presented ‘Best Practices for Migrating from Oracle and SQL Server to MySQL’.

In 2009 I was named MySQL community member of the year, and in 2010 I was recognized as one of the first and only three Oracle ACE Directors for MySQL.  I am co-author of the book ‘Expert PHP and MySQL’ http://expertphpandmysql.com, and I’ll be giving away free copies at the conference until I run out of them.  Say hi and give me the code word for a copy. You will have to read my blog for the answer!

And for a piece of trivia, I bought my first PC compatible machine in 1984, an Epson QX-16 which even had Dual CPU booting either 8086 and Z80 with it’s twin floppies and green screen.  It cost me $4,000 and took a very long time to pay off while working part-time for $5 per hour.”

MR: We at ODTUG feel there is a great synergy and opportunity for the MySQL community, what’s your thoughts on that?

RB: “I completely agree.  Since the Oracle acquisition was completed a number of Oracle User Groups including ODTUG, IOUG, NoCOUG and NYOUG have been very open to approaching the MySQL community including myself, to reach out to welcome us, see what we are about, and to see how the MySQL community can benefit with the various Oracle user groups.  I’m excited to see a MySQL track at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010, and I’m looking forward for a packed room for every session on offer.  The ODTUG committee people I have worked with directly including Mike, Jerry, Kathleen and Lauren have all been great and very responsive.  While I have worked for a number of years on the MySQL users conference review committee, this is my first time having to organize, plan, schedule and manage an entire MySQL track for 4 days.  I could have not done this without the constant help of my fellow MySQL community members Sheeri K Cabral and Giuseppe Maxia.

We have a great line up of speakers with many years of MySQL experience. Many I approached directly just days after our first discussion of ODTUG MySQL content, and most responded immediately with yes I can contribute.  Our speakers include 4 book authors of MySQL content with 5 books in total.

I feel it will be some time before MySQL only developers will start attending Oracle conferences and other Oracle user group events. Many people don’t know enough in layman’s terms what is happening with the acquisition process and the future of MySQL. As an Oracle ACE Director I am committed  to work with Oracle and the MySQL community to promote and open doors that provide benefits for all users.

I’m looking forward to an ongoing relationship in future years with MySQL content at Kaleidoscope, much like the success of Hyperion in recent years that I have been told about.”

MR: If you had a chance to talk with Oracle developer attendees before your presentations what sort of questions would you be asking?

RB: “It is always great to prepare conference content based on the needs of the audience.  We are unsure just how many developers and attendees develop in both Oracle and MySQL, only time will tell. If I had a chance I would have liked to know what was the most important for attendees. We have definitely tried to create a track of content that covers what we feel are the most pressing developer related questions using MySQL.   We have created content for an intermediate level based for those developers that know their stuff in a respective technology and want that same level of proficiency in MySQL development and adminstration.  It’s difficult to transition from one technology to another, or need to work on multiple technologies without grasping and mastering all the idea situations the technology can offer.  We hope that our session discussions on the in’s and out’s of replication,  capturing, analyzing and optimizing SQL the MySQL way and much more will be of broad appeal.

Myself and Sherri K Cabral, another Oracle ACE Director will be partaking in the Monday night sundown sessions so this will be an ideal time to ask any questions.”

MR: If I do not know much about MySQL where should I start?

RB: “If I was to give you the top five tips to getting started with MySQL.

1. Download the current version of the MySQL Community server 5.1.x at http://dev.mysql.com/downloads/
2. Read the MySQL manual and documentation at http://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/index.html which will guide through setup and installation.
3. Start using MySQL, try the mysql client, download some open source LAMP products such as http://wordpress.org
4. Check out the MySQL Planet Blog aggregator at http://planet.mysql.com for a wealth of information from the MySQL community.
5. There is a wealth of presentations online starting with the MySQL User conference at http://www.mysqlconf.com. You can also go back to previous years from a menu option of each year.  There is also a large number of video recordings of conference presentations at http://technocation.org

You can find out more information about Ronald at http://ronaldbradford.com and http://linkedin.com/in/ronaldbradford

Register for ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010, be a part of the first annual MySQL track at the conference, and meet Ronald Bradford.

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With the help of the MySQL community leaders, ODTUG has embraced the opportunity to add MySQL content to the already jam-packed agenda at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010, in Washington, DC from June 27 – July 1.

This track starts on Monday, and will have presentations running the entire length of the conference. The track is highlighted by its participation in the Sundown Sessions with the Oracle ACE Directors. In this session, Sheeri K. Cabral and Ronald Bradford, two of the current three Oracle MySQL Ace Directors will host a lively panel discussion. Drinks and snacks will be served during the sessions, and will be followed by a reception afterwards. The Sundown Sessions and reception is open to the local Washington, DC MySQL community as well. Ronald has a sign-up form here to help us determine the number of local, non-conference attendees interested in participating.

A detailed, three part session ends the conference’s MySQL track, titled “Increasing MySQL Productivity from Design to Implementation”.

Regular ODTUG Kaleidoscope attendees will benefit from this track as well. Many of our attendees have experience with both the Oracle Database, as well as the MySQL database.  For more information, check out the MySQL page that we’ve put together on our ODTUG Kaleidoscope website. And stay tuned, and I’ll be posting an interview with Ronald in an upcoming post to this blog.

It is not too late to register, and join in on the unique, educational and training event that is Kaleidoscope!

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Just a quick blog posting today…ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2010 is proud to announce the addition of a FULL MySQL track for the conference! Starting on Monday, June 28th, and running until the end of the conference on Thursday, July 1st, the track will host 19 sessions on MySQL. The MySQL database is the world’s most popular open source database, and is used by many popular and successful websites.

The track was put together in much the same way that ODTUG added its highly successful Hyperion and Essbase content to the conference, starting back in 2008. ODTUG recognized an opportunity to help out the community by providing room for content to be presented. Then, we connected with a respected leader in the MySQL community, one of the first three Oracle ACE Directors representing MySQL, Ronald Bradford.

Ronald Bradford

Ronald has worked with the ODTUG Kaleidoscope Conference Committee and experts in the MySQL community to come up with a compelling track. Anyone with interest in MySQL should take a look at the offerings in this track and consider attending.

ODTUG is proud of our ability to serve the development community, and we look forward to seeing all of the MySQL attendees in Washington, DC from June 28th through July 1. Follow this link to register now.

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