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At Kscope11 ODTUG Board Member Bambi Price interviewed Chris Muir about the Fusion Middleware sessions.  He’ll be presenting The Ultimate Sales Pitch for ADF – On Strategic Importance and Practical Value and In a Nutshell: The ADF UI Shell at Kscope12.

Part 1

Part 2: Thursday Thunder

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Floyd Teter, Fusion Middleware Content Team LeadGuest Blogger: Floyd Teter

A few weeks ago, I spent my weekend in Nashville hosting Oracle workshops. The audience was composed mostly of end users. The hot topics (services-based integration, standardized UI look and feel, mobile apps) are related to Fusion Middleware. Luckily, ODTUG has an answer for that: the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12.

We have some pretty hot topics on the agenda for the Fusion Middleware track:

  • Combining ADF and report development has always been a challenge (for me, at least). We’ll have a great session on using open source tools to close that gap.
  • UI design patterns have been grabbing a ton of attention lately. The Fusion Middleware track includes several sessions on bringing UI design patterns to ADF.
  • Mobile: in recognition that the post-PC age is upon us, we’ve incorporated several sessions on mobile development.
  • Oracle guru Jake Kuramoto (of AppsLab fame) will be showing us how to extend WebCenter.

So, you’ve likely been happily plugging along with your PL/SQL tools or your LAMP stack for years. They’ve grown near and dear to your heart. So why should you care about Fusion Middleware? Think back to that Nashville experience I just mentioned. Fusion Middleware gives you tools to provide what your customers want: services-based integration, that Fusion look-and-feel, and a great emerging platform for Oracle-related mobile apps development.

Join us in the Fusion Middleware track at Kscope12. See what your customers want.

*Floyd will also be presenting at Kscope12 Design Time, Design Time @ Run Time, Personalization…What The Huh?


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For those of you that decide that money is not important to you, you can stop reading the rest of this blog post.

For those remaining, I have some news for you. You have until June 9th to register for KScope11, June 26-30 in Long Beach, CA, and save $250.00 off of the standard registration rate.

Why should you attend? I’d suggest that you read back on some of the previous posts in this blog. You could even revisit those posts from the Kaleidoscope 2010 run-up.

Not enough to convince you? Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Talk to members of the ODTUG Board. We believe passionately in what we do. While not saying anything bad about other conferences, I believe that if you are a developer or architect, there is no comparison between what KScope offers you and what other conferences offer.
  2. Talk to members of the conference committee. They’ve been putting their efforts into making this conference the most memorable and worthwhile conference in ODTUG history.
  3. Talk to the speakers at KScope11. Some of these have been featured in this blog. Many more are just as passionate and are convinced that KScope is the place to be.
  4. A huge list of vendors – Oracle, interRel, Ernst & Young, PITSS, MTG, and many, many more
  5. Look at the agenda:
  • Fusion Middleware – three rooms of cutting edge presentations giving you the inside track of developing application using the Fusion Technology stack. Jellema, Mills, Eisele, Vesterli, King, Koletzke, Schmeltzer…Monday Night Birds of a Feather Sessions.
  • Application Express – three rooms of the best speakers in the world talking about one of the hottest development platforms around. Remember last year, and the release of Oracle Application Express right before the conference? What might you learn and experience about Oracle Application Express 4.1 this year? Speakers like Spendolini, Scott, Gielis, Peake, Kallman, Hichwa, Wolf…Monday Night features Open Mic Night.
  • Database Development – 2 rooms plus of some of the greatest speakers on all things relating to database development. Names like Kyte, Millsap, Feuerstein, Dorsey, King, Rice, Harper, Hotka, Llewellyn, Morgan…the list goes on and on. Add a special database guru panel Monday night featuring Tom Kyte, Steven Feuerstein and Cary Millsap. Nowhere else but KScope.
  • BI/EPM – 5 rooms plus of the shining stars of the BI/EPM world. Led by conference chair Edward Roske, the names are familiar to all – McMullen, Schwartzberg, Lackpour, Rittman, Bryson, Moore, Crisci, Nath…again, there are too many to list all here in this post. Hyperion Midnight Madness Monday Night, sponsored by MTG.

Hands on training, always free, is also included. Networking events galore. Special Event on the Queen Mary!

Community Service Day on Saturday June 25, where we’ll be painting and landscaping at the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach.

I guess if you don’t need to further your education, or don’t care about money, this blog posting isn’t for you.

For the rest of you, and those still reading, I hope to see you there!

If you cannot attend for some reason, please drop me a line at mriley@odtug.com to let me know why.

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John Flack receives the Editor's Choice Award in 2008 - Karen Cannell, John Flack, Mike Riley, John Jeunnette

Note: We are now less than two weeks away from the Early Bird Registration Deadline of March 25. Registration is going very well at the moment, and in order to ensure you are paying the lowest rate for the conference, you need to do so before the end of day on  March 25. As a bonus, those that are already registered are able to sign up for Hands On Training (as always, a FREE part of KScope). Don’t miss out on this opportunity, as the Hands On Labs are filling up quickly!

My next blog post is an interview with John Flack. John has been interviewed before for this blog. John is a long time ODTUG supporter, attendee, presenter, and is also an Oracle ACE. Instead of KScope being in John’s neck of the woods, like last year’s conference in Washington, DC, John and the conference will be across the continent on the west coast this year, in Long Beach, CA.

So, on with the questions…

MR: What’s the best thing about KScope conferences?

JF: “The food of course. I switched to the vegetarian menu to try to keep the calories down, which works well – usually. One lunch time, the meat-eaters got a nice lean grilled chicken breast, while I got a vegetarian lasagna, loaded with cheese and cream sauce. Either way, KScope has the best food of any conference I go to.”

MR: Who do you most look forward to seeing a presentation from at Kscope and why?

JF: “I keep looking for the secret to attending two presentations at the same time. Seeing as no one is presenting on that topic, I think I’m looking forward to Lucas Jellema’s presentation, ‘ADF Developers – Make the Database Work for You‘. Lucas is a fine presenter, which always amazes me because English is not his native language. And the topic sits right on the cusp between my interests in ADF and the databases.”

MR: Why KScope and not somewhere else?

JF: “Somewhere else? Is there anywhere else that I can learn so much in so short a time?”

MR: Have you been to Long Beach or visited the Queen Mary?

JF: “I’ve been through Long Beach on my way to my sister’s house in Irvine, but never stopped for long. Funny thing, one of my sister’s daughters had a wedding reception on the Queen Mary, but I was unable to attend. I’ve got a nice picture of my Dad and another of the nieces on the Queen’s deck. I’m looking forward to spending some time in Long Beach and at Lisa’s house, and I’m hoping to bring some of my family this year.”

MR: Your all time favorite KScope moment is…

JF: “…winning the Editor’s Choice Award at Kaleidoscope 2008!”

Thanks John! John has a blog that he maintains at: JJFlash’s Oracle Development Journal.

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