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Guest Blogger: Glenn Schwartzberg

With Kscope12 coming soon, I’m excited about a new track being offered this year. It is the Essbase Beginner’s track. This track offers a full 18 sessions of content designed for new and newer Essbase developers/designers/users. The track has some of the best, most experienced presenters of the conference giving you the things they had to learn the hard way. (Six are Oracle ACE/ACE Directors, five have written Essbase books, and one is an Oracle development manager). The track is laid out logically from introduction to more detailed topics. Even if you have some experience, this is a great track as it helps you to consider things you had not thought of before.  I encourage you to tell your co-workers about this great way to increase their knowledge about Essbase.

You want me to lay out the schedule for you? No problem, this way you can easily schedule yourself without having to figure out what to attend.  (Note: some sessions are shared with other tracks).

If you want detailed information on these sessions look at the schedule at a glance

Day/time Presentation Speaker Room
Monday 8:30 Hyperion 101: An Introduction to the Oracle EPM/BI Suite Andrew Jorgensen Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 10:00 Why Can’t I Look at an Essbase Cube? Angie Wilcox Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 11:30 Essbase Application Design Considerations for Beginners Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 2:45 Dimension and Data Loading Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 4:15 BSO Calculation Basics Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9


Tues 8:30 Managing an EPM Project Successfully – A Client’s Perspective Panel led by Natalie Delemar Peony*
Tues 11:30 Don’t Do This! Effective Strategies to Avoid Building Ineffective ASO Cubes Martin Slack Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Or Essbase Experts Panel Panel hosted by Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9*
Tues 2:15 Oracle Essbase Worst Practices – Lessons from a Moron Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Tues 3:45 Automation: MaxL and Scripting Cameron Lackpour Cibolo Canyon 9
Tues 5:00 Intro to MDX and ASO Gary Crisci Cibolo Canyon 9


Wed 8:30 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Oracle Support Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 9:45 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Part 2 Panel hosted by Robb Salzmann Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 11:15 Intro to Essbase Studio Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 1:45 So Many Tools Which Do I Use Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 3:00 Essbase New Features Gabby Rubin Cibolo Canyon 9


Thurs 8:30 Beginning Calc Manager Jeff Richardson Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 10:30 Intro to Analysis Kevin Cox Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 11:45 Beginner’s Guide to Financial Reporting Mehmet Sevinc Cibolo Canyon 9

* Shared session with another track

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Robb SalzmannDo you want the inside scoop on all that Essbase and Essbase applications have to offer? Are you interested in honing your Essbase and EPM skills to a razor sharp edge? Kscope12 is now taking registrations for the conference in San Antonio. This conference promises to be the most content packed featuring deep business and technical presentations from many of the world’s most recognized Oracle professionals. You can easily spend twice the conference fee on one training class lead by one person. At Kscope, with its Hands-On Labs and rich presentation schedule, you not only get a huge learning opportunity, but you’ll also have a ton of fun with other professionals in your field at a world-class resort!

This year I had the privilege of leading the Essbase track content selection committee. Working with the other content committees, we had a tough time deciding which presentations to squeeze into the conference schedule. The submission quantity was overwhelming, coming from a broad range of highly qualified presenters. The content schedule represents the best of the best—the only improvement would have been having a long enough schedule to use all the submissions. But face it, you can’t lavish yourself in luxury and good company at a resort and earn a living at the same time. (If you can do this, please give me a call!)

The content my group has selected for the Essbase track at Kscope spans the range of business-based case studies to advanced administration to deep technical discussions and hands-on labs. If you’re new to Essbase, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with a track of presentations just for you: the Essbase beginner track. I must still be a beginner in some respects; there are presentations in this track that I know I can learn something in. For you seasoned Essbase pros, there’s no better place to sharpen your skills and get the latest information, tips, and techniques.

My name is Robb Salzmann. I’m the developer of the Essbase functionality in Accelatis’ Ascension Suite http://www.accelatis.com. I’ve been working with Oracle Hyperion products for the last fourteen years as a developer and consultant. I love to lend a hand and meet new people. Please contact me through my LinkedIn page: http://www.linkedin.com/robbsalzmann or through my blog at http://codingwithhyperion.blogspot.com. I’ve been attending and presenting at various conferences around the world for a few years. For deep technical information, Kscope is far and above all the others. Beyond that, what I really love about this conference are the people. People like me who embrace technology and love this business. Some attend to focus on the content, others to expand their network, and many for a bit of both. Whatever your interest at Kscope, I hope you will stop me between sessions and say “hi.”

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