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Guest Blogger: Glenn Schwartzberg

With Kscope12 coming soon, I’m excited about a new track being offered this year. It is the Essbase Beginner’s track. This track offers a full 18 sessions of content designed for new and newer Essbase developers/designers/users. The track has some of the best, most experienced presenters of the conference giving you the things they had to learn the hard way. (Six are Oracle ACE/ACE Directors, five have written Essbase books, and one is an Oracle development manager). The track is laid out logically from introduction to more detailed topics. Even if you have some experience, this is a great track as it helps you to consider things you had not thought of before.  I encourage you to tell your co-workers about this great way to increase their knowledge about Essbase.

You want me to lay out the schedule for you? No problem, this way you can easily schedule yourself without having to figure out what to attend.  (Note: some sessions are shared with other tracks).

If you want detailed information on these sessions look at the schedule at a glance

Day/time Presentation Speaker Room
Monday 8:30 Hyperion 101: An Introduction to the Oracle EPM/BI Suite Andrew Jorgensen Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 10:00 Why Can’t I Look at an Essbase Cube? Angie Wilcox Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 11:30 Essbase Application Design Considerations for Beginners Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 2:45 Dimension and Data Loading Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9
Monday 4:15 BSO Calculation Basics Alice Lawrence Cibolo Canyon 9


Tues 8:30 Managing an EPM Project Successfully – A Client’s Perspective Panel led by Natalie Delemar Peony*
Tues 11:30 Don’t Do This! Effective Strategies to Avoid Building Ineffective ASO Cubes Martin Slack Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Or Essbase Experts Panel Panel hosted by Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 9*
Tues 2:15 Oracle Essbase Worst Practices – Lessons from a Moron Edward Roske Cibolo Canyon 10/11*
Tues 3:45 Automation: MaxL and Scripting Cameron Lackpour Cibolo Canyon 9
Tues 5:00 Intro to MDX and ASO Gary Crisci Cibolo Canyon 9


Wed 8:30 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Oracle Support Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 9:45 Getting the Most from EPM Product Support Part 2 Panel hosted by Robb Salzmann Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 11:15 Intro to Essbase Studio Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 1:45 So Many Tools Which Do I Use Glenn Schwartzberg Cibolo Canyon 9
Wed 3:00 Essbase New Features Gabby Rubin Cibolo Canyon 9


Thurs 8:30 Beginning Calc Manager Jeff Richardson Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 10:30 Intro to Analysis Kevin Cox Cibolo Canyon 9
Thurs 11:45 Beginner’s Guide to Financial Reporting Mehmet Sevinc Cibolo Canyon 9

* Shared session with another track

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Today’s Flashback Friday post comes to us from #Kscope11 interview with Oracle Ace Stewart Bryson.  Stewart talks about transitioning and upgrading Rittman Mead’s clients to OBIEE 11g  and Exadata’s part in that upgrade.

Here’s a snippet of his thoughts about Kscope as a conference:

“…more than any other conference… this is the one where the technology rises above and is more important than marketing… and you see that flair in the presentations…”


Stewart will be presenting at Kscope12.  Check out his presentations: Reporting Against Transactional Schemas with OBIEE 11g and Aggregation: the BI Server Versus the Oracle Optimizer at Kscope12.

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Guest Blogger: Jake Turrell

Jake Turrell Kscope12 Content Lead - EPM Apps

I’ve often wondered how the abstracts I submit to Kscope make their way into a particular track….or don’t make it in at all.  Why are some selected while others get rejected?  Who is making the decisions?  Last year, Natalie Delemar, who is responsible for Oracle BI & EPM content, called me and asked if I’d like to lead the selection process for Hyperion Planning and HFM.  Based on that experience, here’s a peek behind the curtains at Kscope.

Breaking out the Rolodex

Natalie’s final instructions to me were, “think about the topics you want covered and put together a team.”  I figured I really needed two teams, because my knowledge of HFM is limited.  So my first call went to Chris Barbieri, to whom I passed the proverbial HFM “buck.”  Next, I set about convincing some of the best Hyperion Application resources available to spend several late nights pouring over hundreds of abstracts . . . in their spare time . . . for free.  While most jumped at the opportunity to help, these resources tend to be over allocated by their employers.  They’re busy running large projects, blogging, writing books . . . you get the idea.  In the end, our content selection team was a great mix of folks from industry and consulting.  Each had strengths that rounded out the team and ensured that each toolset was well covered.

Fair and Balanced

One thing you can be assured of is that the content selection process for Kscope is fair. The initial selection process is “blind.” It isn’t until the second round of selections that the author’s name is associated with a particular abstract. Why not keep it blind throughout the entire process? It comes down to balance. The content teams need to ensure that a wide spectrum of presenters and companies are represented. Each presenter and each abstract gets graded from 0-5. Presentations are grouped into the various topics we wanted to be covered, and then based on the grades (and a whole lot of debate), the selection process begins.

Making the Cut

One of the downsides to this process is that some really good abstracts are inevitably cut. For example, this year there were a lot of great submissions covering Public Sector Planning, Workforce Planning, and Smart View. Our team could only allocate a certain number of slots for each topic. We picked the best of the best, but inevitably still had to cut some great abstracts. For certain brand-new products, we didn’t have any submissions, so we went to Oracle and asked them to cover the topic. The end goal was to ensure broad and deep coverage of the Hyperion Apps, with plenty of new content and great speakers.

Assembling the Jigsaw Puzzle

Luckily, Natalie took on the job of slotting our selections into the overall schedule and various sized presentation rooms. It’s tricky to make sure that no one is giving back-to-back presentations, that presentations are slotted for the appropriate spaces, and that presentations from the same company aren’t overlapping. Think of it as a big 3D puzzle that, in the end, results in some of the best technical Oracle content available anywhere.

Who are These People?

ODTUG is made up of people like me and you. As an organization, it brings together great content from developers, administrators, architects, and business users, and it provides a vehicle for sharing that content. I belong to ODTUG because I want to get better at what I do, and because I want to help others get better along the way.

See you in San Antonio!

– Jake Turrell

Kscope12 Content Lead – EPM Apps

Kscope 12 Presentations:Hyperion Planning Approvals and Data Validation & Running Hyperion Planning on Your Laptop

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Guest Blogger: Kevin McGinley

My first Kscope experience was just last year, and what a Kscope it was!  From presenting to attending sessions to networking to winning the Editor’s Choice award, the week was packed full of great experiences.  Kscope ’11 was such a fantastic experience that when I was asked to coordinate the BI track for Kscope 12, I happily said yes.

Because BI was so popular at Kscope ’11, the planning committee expanded the number of sessions we have to cover the most interesting BI content: OBIEE, BI Applications, ODI & GG, BI Publisher, Exalytics, and BI/EPM integration are all covered this year.  I’m really excited that we’re able to offer a good mix of intro sessions, advanced sessions, and customer case study sessions across many areas of Oracle BI.  Since Oracle is always pushing the boundaries of BI forward (and because they keep acquiring companies!), it’s important to make sure we keep attendees abreast of what’s going on in Oracle BI while offering those ever important tips-and-tricks, how-to’s, lessons learned, and best practices on the products and versions that attendees are using today.

In addition to great sessions throughout the week, there will also be a BI Symposium on Sunday and the return of hands-on labs at two different times during the week.  The hands-on labs are very popular and offer a great way for attendees to test drive modules of Oracle BI that might be new to them.  In addition to the symposium and hands-on labs, we’re also planning some ‘unconference’ activities to engage attendees of the BI track in different ways.  Those who register (http://kscope12.com/registration) in the BI track will hear more about these as we get closer to the conference!

I want to thank everyone who submitted abstracts to speak at Kscope ’12.  While we can’t accept everyone, it’s a testament to the ODTUG community that we had a tough job selecting the best of the best for the BI track.  I also want to thank my great team for the hard work they put into selecting the very best possible BI agenda we could put together.  I’m looking forward to BI at Kscope ’12 and I hope to see you there!

BI Team

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Guest Blogger: Tim Tow, ODTUG Board

Australia, Here I Come!

Like many, if not most, Americans, I have always wanted to visit Australia but have never had the opportunity.  Well, that all changed last month when I was asked to speak at the NZOUG Conference in Auckland, New Zealand and the ODTUG SP Conference in Sydney, Australia.  For those of you familiar with my blog, you may have read that I often work 12-hour days.  This is only possible with the support of my wife, and I am happy that she also shares in the rewards gained from my hard work.  One week from today, my wife and I will be on our way to Oz!

We are flying directly to Auckland and will have a little over 3 days to explore the area and to recover from jet lag before the conference starts on Monday, October 31.  We plan to visit the camp where, during WWII, my wife’s grandfather was stationed immediately after two of the worst battles in the Pacific, Tarawa and Saipan.  Other than that, we are still undecided about our weekend agenda.

My presentations in Auckland are comprised of completely new content that I have written and will be presenting for the first time at this conference.  In Auckland, the first presentation is entitled “Find Meaning in Your General Ledger Using Oracle Essbase”.  This session will discuss some of the use cases for Essbase when used to explore and analyze data in the General Ledger.  I will show at least 3 different ways that customers can use Essbase as a starting point for understanding what is in the GL and am working with the Oracle Fusion Financials team on how Essbase is leveraged within Fusion Financials.

My second Auckland session is entitled “What is Oracle Essbase and How Is It Different From the Oracle Database?”  This session, which parallels an article I wrote for the current issue of ODTUG Journal, is targeted toward traditional Oracle developers who may have heard of Essbase but really don’t know what it is.  My presentation uses a relational database design concept commonly used to support analysis, the star schema, and proceeds to translate it into similar constructs in Essbase.  The presentation also discusses the key differences, both architecturally and from the user’s perspective, between Essbase and the Oracle database.

If you happen to be in New Zealand, don’t miss this conference.  You can get more information at http://nzoug.org/events/nzoug-conference-2011.

On Wednesday, November 2, we travel to Sydney for the ODTUG EPM and BI SP (“Seriously Practical”) Conference.  Like in Auckland, my presentations at the SP Conference on November 3 and 4 are comprised of completely new content.  The first session, entitled “Unleashing the Power of Essbase in Excel”, will cover the two Excel add-ins for Essbase, the classic Excel add-in and Smart View.  I will spend a good bit of time in this session discussing and demonstrating some of the new capabilities added to Smart View  This new Smart View version features near parity with the functionality of the classic add-in and, finally, will meet the demands of most classic add-in lovers.  The new functionality also makes many of the time-tested techniques used with the classic add-in possible again, so I will review some of my favorite spreadsheet design tips.

The second presentation in Sydney returns to my core (and geeky) competency with a discussion of best practices using the different Essbase APIs.  In this session, “Best Practices for Expanding Essbase with the APIs”, I will talk about lessons learned from the past 17 years of my experienced with both the VB and the Java APIs.  I am still working on this presentation, but I plan on covering more than just the coding aspects and will talk a little about how to build dependable software with the Essbase APIs.

If you are in or near Australia, make plans to attend the SP Conference now.  This conference covers not only EPM, but also BI as well.  Fellow Oracle ACE Directors Edward Roske and Mark Rittman, along with newly minted Oracle ACE Stuart Bryson, from Rittman Mead, have teamed with local speakers from Accenture and James and Monroe to bring you a content-packed agenda that can help your company get a higher return on its investment in the Oracle EPM and BI platforms.  You can get more information about the ODTUG SP Conference and register at http://odtugspconference.com/.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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Guest Blogger: Bambi Price, ODTUG Board

Q & A with ODTUG SP Conference Presenter, Anthony Stefanac James & Munroe

Anthony is one of the owners of James & Munroe, specialists in Enterprise Architecture, Support and Implementation of Hyperion products. He will be presenting ‘Making your Life easier with EPM utilities’ at our SP Conference being held in Sydney, 3rd and 4th November this year.

 Q: What made you start working with Oracle BI & EPM Products?

I started as a graduate at Qantas who were using Hyperion as their BI tool to initially report management information and their route profitability.   I thought the technology was great, as it gave decision makers quick access to information in a structured and logical way to assist with strategic corporate initiatives.  I moved into Consulting to further develop my Hyperion EPM & BI skills from there.

 Q: What has been the biggest improvement that you can see with these products?

Stability, Performance Improvements and improved Integration between all of the Oracle products. It is still early days to being perfect from an integration perspective but it is definitely heading in the right direction.

Q: What is the most common type of issue your clients have?

Demands from the business to report results on a more timely basis and have greater visibility to their information.   With requirements for closer integration between transactional, operational and management systems and the constant introduction of new Oracle products, we are continuing to find improved solutions to achieve this.

Q: Why do you think an Oracle, BI or EPM user should attend the conference?

They will have the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals in different industries to share their experiences and knowledge.  They will also have the opportunity to hear from and meet with global product leaders and see product demonstrations of the latest Oracle offerings from a practical perspective.  Often training in products is too high level for people who have gained working knowledge of the applications.  They need the tips and tricks to get further efficiency gains, which is exactly what this training will offer.

Register today for the ODTUG SP Conference! 

Advanced Registration Rate: October 2 – October 27, 2011

Standard Registration Rate: After October 28, 2011 

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The past two days here at Oracle OpenWorld 2011 have felt like a blur – a happy, exciting, and tiring blur. With 40,000+ attendees, this is nothing like KScope. Here is a brief recap of some of the things that I have heard in conversations, sessions, keynotes, etc…, and what I’m looking forward to in the last couple of days here:
Chi Gung – While the crowd has not materialized here at Oracle OpenWorld for Chi Gung, we have a few faithful that have been attending with Kent each morning. I guess the attendees here a) haven’t heard about it, b) aren’t as health conscious as the KScope attendees, of c) are just to busy. I’m guessing it may be a little bit of everything, but thanks to Kent Graziano for organizing this and providing an outlet to those that have embraced it starting back at Kscope11.
Meetings, meetings, meetings – It seems like (no scratch that, it IS true so it not only seems like, it IS) I attend more meetings than I do presentations. Many of these meetings are important for the organization, and focusing on that is really our responsibility and goal while attending any other conference. I expect that some of the actions and directions that ODTUG will be undertaking in the near future will have either benefited from or sparked from the meetings that we have had here at OpenWorld.
ODTUG Meetup – ODTUG hosted a small reception for our speakers and volunteers, and key partners in the Oracle community on Monday Night, at a restaurant called LeCharm. It was a nice evening, and we had some great conversations and fun in the usual ODTUG style. Our speakers were thankful for this opportunity to relax a bit, before they had to run along to one of the many other events being held that night. Usually, you can find a reception of some type each and every night at Oracle OpenWorld.
There was an announcement made about the release of Oracle Forms 11gR2, made by Grant Ronald, during Gert Poel’s session. This news should be well received for all of us still using Oracle Forms. You can find out more here on Gert Poel’s blog.
I attended the APEX Meetup at the 4th Street Bar and Grill. Thanks to my good friend Dimitri Gielis for setting up and organizing this event. It was nice to see some of the loyal KScope crowd in attendance at this event. Joel Kallman, David Peake, Marc Sewtz, Jason Straub, and Anthony Rayner represented Oracle at this event. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised that there were not more from the Oracle team at this meetup, so I apologize if I’ve missed anyone. It was my first opportunity to meet Anthony, and I hope that he is able to make his first KScope next year in San Antonio.
Looking forward, I anticipate that there will be a couple of big announcements at Larry’s keynote this afternoon. I’m hoping that a part of the keynote will include in some way shape or form something from the tools side, but I’m also not holding my breath. Stay tuned, and if you’re interested, I’m pretty sure they will be live streaming the keynote somewhere later this afternoon. Look around on oracle.com/openworld, and you should be able to find a link there.
Also, the big OpenWorld appreciation event is tonight. Sting and Tom Petty headline the evening, and I’m hoping that the showers that have hung around the past couple of days miraculously part for the evening so that me and 40,000 of my best friends (sarcasm intended) will have a good time.
Until next time…

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Guest Blogger: Bambi Price, ODTUG Board

My name is Bambi Price, I am the ODTUG Vice President. I work for Park Lane Information Technology, an Oracle Gold Partner specialising in products, services, and licences.

Park Lane’s core service offering is Oracle Managed Services, provided to government departments and organisations across Victoria and Tasmania in Australia and in New Zealand.

I have been on the ODTUG Board for the past 4 years and I have been proud to have been part of ODTUG’s growth not only into new Oracle areas but also into new countries. This year at Kscope we had attendees from 28 different countries. This was a fantastic achievement and a sign that ODTUG is recognized as the home for Developers and Architects working with Oracle technical solutions and tools.

Part of my responsibility on the ODTUG Board is the Global Outreach Programme. We initially started running webinars in Spanish and rotating our webinars across all time zones. Last year we successfully ran an SP Conference in Brussels and this year we are running a BI/EPM SP Conference in Sydney on 3 and 4th November.

This will provide 2 days of deep-dive training on improving your Oracle BI and EPM investment with the best enhancement tips, tricks and techniques. What’s new in Hyperion, OBIEE 11g and Smartview.

Seriously Practical training on how you can make systems operate faster, your applications perform better, and your users praise your BI and EPM investment. http://odtugspconference.com/

Early Bird Registration: AUD$695 Ends October 1, 2011 

This deep dive training is being held at the Marriott Sydney Harbour, Pitt Street Sydney. http://odtugspconference.com/Location.html

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Guest Blogger: Mark Rittman, ODTUG Board

Mark Rittman, ODTUG Treasurer

It’s just a few days now until I travel over to San Francisco for Oracle OpenWorld 2011, for what is probably for me the professional highlight of the year. As one of the ACE Directors, I get to go to a two-day briefing across the whole range of Oracle’s technology products at HQ before OpenWorld starts, and then I travel to downtown San Francisco for when the event starts properly on Sunday.

Sunday is a great day if you’re an ODTUG’ger as we’re running a number of Sunday Symposiums covering topics such as BI, EPM, Data Warehousing, APEX and Web architecture. I’ve been organizing the BI Symposium that runs on the Sunday afternoon, and I’ve invited some of the great and good from the OBIEE blogger and developer community to come and present, including

– Christian Screen (http://www.artofbi.com) on Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Action Framework: Basic to Advanced Integration

– Jeff McQuigg (http://greatobi.wordpress.com/) on Oracle Business Intelligence Metadata Development: Advanced Solutions

– Myself (http://www.rittmanmead.com/blog) on OBIEE 11g Change Management and Deployment Best Practices

– Stewart Bryson (also at http://www.rittmanmead.com/blog) on Aggregation : Oracle Optimizer vs. Oracle BI Server

– Kevin McGinley, winner of the ODTUG KScope’11 Best Paper Award, on Upgrading Your Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Software

This is a great opportunity to hear some of the best Oracle BI speakers in one place, over just a few hours, and with lots of opportunities for interaction. The sessions will take place from mid-day through to 5pm and will run in Moscone West 2011.

And finally – once you’ve finished at the BI Sunday Symposium, get yourself across to Larry Ellison’s opening keynote in Hall D, Moscone North, where I hear on the grapevine that there’ll be some very interesting product news concerning BI. If you’re coming to Open World, hopefully I’ll see you there, otherwise you can read all about it in my upcoming BI column in the ODTUG Technical Journal!

*You can also see Mark at the SP Conference in Sydney, Australia.*

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For those of you that decide that money is not important to you, you can stop reading the rest of this blog post.

For those remaining, I have some news for you. You have until June 9th to register for KScope11, June 26-30 in Long Beach, CA, and save $250.00 off of the standard registration rate.

Why should you attend? I’d suggest that you read back on some of the previous posts in this blog. You could even revisit those posts from the Kaleidoscope 2010 run-up.

Not enough to convince you? Here’s some suggestions:

  1. Talk to members of the ODTUG Board. We believe passionately in what we do. While not saying anything bad about other conferences, I believe that if you are a developer or architect, there is no comparison between what KScope offers you and what other conferences offer.
  2. Talk to members of the conference committee. They’ve been putting their efforts into making this conference the most memorable and worthwhile conference in ODTUG history.
  3. Talk to the speakers at KScope11. Some of these have been featured in this blog. Many more are just as passionate and are convinced that KScope is the place to be.
  4. A huge list of vendors – Oracle, interRel, Ernst & Young, PITSS, MTG, and many, many more
  5. Look at the agenda:
  • Fusion Middleware – three rooms of cutting edge presentations giving you the inside track of developing application using the Fusion Technology stack. Jellema, Mills, Eisele, Vesterli, King, Koletzke, Schmeltzer…Monday Night Birds of a Feather Sessions.
  • Application Express – three rooms of the best speakers in the world talking about one of the hottest development platforms around. Remember last year, and the release of Oracle Application Express right before the conference? What might you learn and experience about Oracle Application Express 4.1 this year? Speakers like Spendolini, Scott, Gielis, Peake, Kallman, Hichwa, Wolf…Monday Night features Open Mic Night.
  • Database Development – 2 rooms plus of some of the greatest speakers on all things relating to database development. Names like Kyte, Millsap, Feuerstein, Dorsey, King, Rice, Harper, Hotka, Llewellyn, Morgan…the list goes on and on. Add a special database guru panel Monday night featuring Tom Kyte, Steven Feuerstein and Cary Millsap. Nowhere else but KScope.
  • BI/EPM – 5 rooms plus of the shining stars of the BI/EPM world. Led by conference chair Edward Roske, the names are familiar to all – McMullen, Schwartzberg, Lackpour, Rittman, Bryson, Moore, Crisci, Nath…again, there are too many to list all here in this post. Hyperion Midnight Madness Monday Night, sponsored by MTG.

Hands on training, always free, is also included. Networking events galore. Special Event on the Queen Mary!

Community Service Day on Saturday June 25, where we’ll be painting and landscaping at the Boys and Girls Club of Long Beach.

I guess if you don’t need to further your education, or don’t care about money, this blog posting isn’t for you.

For the rest of you, and those still reading, I hope to see you there!

If you cannot attend for some reason, please drop me a line at mriley@odtug.com to let me know why.

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